In The Middle

In The Middle

A Poem by jessdixon

There's such a huge difference in the human experience for people who live in the same nation, even. This was my thought process while examining it all.


In this giant puzzle of a world,

This piece fits right in the middle.

My boney edges and awkward expressions settle in quite snuggly,

Snapping into place somewhere between the socially inept and those who know how to fake it.

On one side,

The surefire signs of success and confidence grace the faces of the well adjusted.

On the other side,

The sheer fear of a conversation grips the lips of the submissive and insecure.

Still, I sit in the middle.

My pointed shoulder brushes the Harvard bred intelligent,

While my rounded toe taps the hard-hitting athlete.

The million-dollar degree versus the million-dollar swing,

Both betting on their dreams in the land of the free…

Still, I sit in the middle.

My pulsing hands get to touch both sides of a system that provides the silver spoon and the power line shoes.

Confused by the hard working souls that yearn for more,

Receiving tragically different results.

I’m still, sitting in the middle.

Yeah…in the middle,

Where I revolve with the world and its’ many puzzled sides,

So, when I try to hold the hand of the suffering, I can’t get any closer.

Try to shout praise at the worthy and my words won’t get any louder.

Two tangible planes that we make sure to separate

Stay in our places,

Accept our fates.

How do I break the borders of this jagged piece?

Quake until we’re all jumbled and forced to meet,

Or just say, “Come together, right now, over me!”

I’m in the middle, yeah,

I touch all sides with my boney edges and see with…

Somewhat unbiased eyes.

So, I might do something about this segregation of sorts,

I just might say it,

But maybe I’ll just lay back and encourage everyone to hold their place,

Because…no one likes a puzzle with an empty space.

© 2012 jessdixon

Author's Note

Anything helpful and constructive is welcome.

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. wow ... i just loved how this piece unraveled ... i found it really vivid ... loved the language ... loved the imagery ... i've been out of the system since some time ... am in a sort of self-inflicted isolation state i suppose ... so i find this piece rather fascinating ... it made me chuckle because of the fact that i am not in the puzzle ... a great read ...

Posted 12 Years Ago

I don`t think you are in the middle at all.
You have an objective view of the world
and what a blessing that is. While I am
gnashing my teeth and attempting to answer
problems of the world, you sit back and
see the real thing, clearly, wonderfully ,
almost other worldlly . You rock!
----- John

Posted 12 Years Ago

Your writing is very enjoyable to me because you engage the reader and bring them along , quite skillfully, with your thought process. I have a better understanding of "the middle"concept but am not likely one piece that belongs in that spot. The metaphor of life being a great puzzle with many pieces that all seemingly having their places is one I too have written about in a different sense. Your a very thoughtful and intelligent writer that I will look forward to reading more from in the future ...

Posted 12 Years Ago

life is really strange but we still love to live and struggle in it. i can feel you are challenging life with all its difficulties and conflicts. being in the middle is really hard but maybe safer. i have really enjoyed the images as well as the words picking...great work

Posted 12 Years Ago

Another wonderfully constructed poem. The imagery and diction fuel the ideas you play with so perfectly. I like the underline and bolded parts. I like it so much I wonder if you could do it more and make the aesthetic of the poem look more like a puzzle.

Great piece. Your poetry definitely has a wonderful way of making the controversial realities of every day life seem more clear and relate-ably portrayed. I find myself saying, "yes! That's it!" a lot. The sign of good art. Keep writing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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