Love Pt 1: The Sun

Love Pt 1: The Sun

A Story by julia.grace

There was a day when The World was young, before the creation of the vast Heavens, when She became lonely. God noticed Earth’s loneliness, so He sent Earth the Sun to be Her first love. And what a perfect love it was… Sun was golden and warm and beautiful to look upon. He had an energy within Him that allowed for his constant vibrant spirit. Sun was a soul in flames, and those flames quickly spread through Earth’s heart. She was so captivated by him that she forgot all else. Earth quickly fell into the pattern of orbiting the Sun, who willingly stuck with her through good times and bad.

For years, Earth and Sun spent every day together. There was never a dull moment between them; Earth loved Sun more than life itself.  It could not be enough to say that her heart was beating only for Sun; no, she breathed for him. Anything and everything she would do for Sun, as he gave her joy beyond measure.  What’s more, Sun loved Earth deeply, too, and had no trouble expressing all of His feelings for Her.

Like all things, Earth and Sun had to sleep in order to be renewed for each new dawn.  Every morning, Earth knew that the Sun would come back again, so she orbited him even in her dreams.  She began to have more faith in Sun than she had in the God who had created Him for Her… But that faith was misplaced, and their love was not to be. On one fateful day, Earth tried to leave night to be with Sun once more. She searched the skies and felt for his warmth, but alas, Sun was gone. He had left without a trace, and Earth had no way of knowing. This was not the work of God, it was simply the work of Life.  And this is how the Sun made with the Stars, and Earth grew to despise the Life that had taken him away.

© 2018 julia.grace

Author's Note

Hey! Quick little note about me, I'm a teenager with an anxiety disorder, I write short stories and write in calligraphy as a form of catharsis. I'm not looking to be a professional writer, but if anyone would like to give me some constructive criticism or feedback, that would be lovely! Thank you!

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Added on February 2, 2018
Last Updated on February 2, 2018
Tags: fantasy, mythology, love, personal



I wanted a place for my words besides my own head, so here I am. more..