Prologue to the Avengers Tales

Prologue to the Avengers Tales

A Poem by joeyspidey

A poem I had to do for AP English a LONG time ago, we basically had to make out own version of the prologue to the Canterbury Tales. I obviously opted for a superhero themed one.

Once upon a time in a world not that real, 
Six superheroes ventured out to conquer evil. 
The culprit they were after was named Dr. Doom, 
It all started when they heard a great boom. 
Apparently he was trying to blow up the planet, 
And the sound that they heard was that of falling granite. 
Together the heroes ventured out 
To stop Dr. Doom, without a doubt. 

The first of the heroes was the most well known 
When criminals saw him they let out a big groan. 
For Spiderman was a sight to be feared, 
But when civilians saw him they gave a big cheer. 
Spiderman was the most upbeat of the bunch, 
He kept making jokes, like how he did not want to miss lunch. 
He was the least mature of the group, 
But when it came to morals he was the leader of the troop. 
“With great power comes great responsibility” 
The only thing greater than his morals was his agility. 

The second of the group did not say much 
But by far he was the strongest of the bunch. 
The Hulk was this monster’s name, 
For his gruesome appearance he was not to blame. 
It happened one day in the science lab, 
Gamma rays made him greener than Donovan McNabb. (out of date Eagles reference)
He has always been shunned by society, 
But a superhero he has tended to be. 
He wasn’t the smartest of them all, 
But he was the only one of them that could lift a shopping mall. 

The third hero represented the U.S.A, 
With his shield he managed to keep villains at bay. 
Captain America was the hero America needed, 
When he fought in World War 2 his country succeeded. 
Loyal to his country, he was the perfect solider,. 
He was red, white, and blue from foot to shoulder. 
A role model to all his allies, 
He will be the most loyal and faithful man until the day he dies. 

The scariest of the group was Wolverine, 
His claws were sharp and his sense of smell was keen. 
Towards his enemies he felt no pity, 
If he needed to he would kill a kitty. 
Wolverine could not be stopped, 
If a criminal threatened an innocent the criminal would soon be chopped 
Into a thousand pieces no one would ever find. 
If there was one thing Wolverine was not, it was kind. 

Lets go now to a more cheerful hero, 
The Human Torch, a wonderful fellow. 
His best friend was Spiderman, 
He had a sense of humor only Spiderman could understand. 
He could cover his whole body in flames, 
While he also had a large ego, he made a lot of claims. 
Ironically he was a hotshot, 
He just flirted with girls he has never tied the knot. 
A true hero through and through, 
He had plenty of courage, he stuck to his allies like glue. 

The last of our heroes is certainly not the least, 
He may have been blind, but his others senses had increased. 
Daredevil was his name, 
Reading brail and fighting crime was his game. 
After his father was killed by mobsters, 
He devoted his life to fighting thugs and monsters. 
His ability was an enhanced sense of perception, 
His blindness was a great deception. 
For he could see well, 
Using his other four senses that radiation had swelled. 

These six brave souls ventured to Castle Doom, 
The Human Torch shone bright through the gloom. 
Spiderman made puns and witty remarks up until Castle Doom’s door, 
Wolverine was sharpening his claws, ready to make some gore. 
Daredevil muttered a quick prayer under his breath, 
The Hulk walked straight up to the door, he was not afraid of death. 
Captain America looked at the team he had helped assemble, 
He was proud of his allies, together they could fight through heaven or hell. 
He rose his shield up to the sky, against the castle so large, 
And deep from his heart he yelled “Charge!”. 
The Hulk smashed against the door, Cap’s shield gleamed with light from the sun. 
The door fell over, the heroes rushed in, the battle had begun. 

© 2013 joeyspidey

Author's Note

Keep in mind I was a senior in high school when this was written, I'm much better now haha

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Added on December 24, 2013
Last Updated on December 24, 2013
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