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A Story by Ramza

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All that rang through my mind was the phrase “dark aligned”. I hadn’t thought about it until now but being aligned with darkness had to mean that a person’s soul was evil, covered in corruption and forged upon hatred. I sighed deeply, realizing that Stuhl probably would not train me at the discovery of what I really was. “So does this mean you won’t train me?”


His right eyebrow shot up while his left pushed down, painting a picture of curiosity. “Because you are dark aligned you think I won’t teach you? If you were listening when you claimed I was a child of the light, you would have heard me tell you that your assessment was wrong. I too am dark aligned. Being aligned with the forces of darkness reflects nothing about the character of your soul, merely the element with that which you are best suited. In fact, being dark aligned is a reason for me to train you.”


Stupefied, I asked “Aside from sharing the same major element, what reason would you have for making me your disciple?”


“If you were light aligned and asked me the same question I would be hesitant to answer but the answer is simple, the world needs darkness. The darkness aligned people are those who are cool, calm, collected, and always thinking. The world requires our kind. The light aligned are powerful indeed but they are too idealistic, wanting to change the world into a utopia, however the very fact that we are human creates the impossibility of a perfect society. The world needs to be shielded from the light Gale, the world needs some time in the shadows. Will you be the one to learn the ways?”


“I’d always invested my belief in the idea that light symbolized healing, order, righteousness but I can see what you’re saying. I’ll be your student Blade Guru Stuhl! I vow to learn your ways!” I swore.


The ends of his mouth slightly pulled upward, forming the world’s most imperceptible smile. He’d set the book on his lap on the floor next to his rocker, walked over to the chest wear he’d originally brought forth the books, but now he was searching for something else. “Stand”, he ordered.


I did as such, he faced me from where he stood, and hurled something at me. My hands, acting on their own accord had caught the objects; they were clothes; a plain dark blue v-necked sleeveless shirt, and a pair of long pants of the same hue. Both were made of the same type of thread, but I had no idea what that thread was. I knew it was not cotton, it was no where near as fluffy and thick, no these clothes were thin threaded, looked comfortable, and easy on the eyes if I do say so myself. “Thanks, but these look a little big, I doubt I’ll be able to fit into them,” I stated trying to emphasize the grateful portion of the statement rather than the complaining segment.


“You are welcome and do not fret about the size. The garments have been enchanted so that regardless of whoever wears them it will fit to their physique in the most comfortable fashion. I know it may seem as if it would be no match for the blisteringly cold winters but the “Smart Cotton”, as it is labeled, will keep you warm when it is wintry and cool when summer beats upon your neck.


“I am utterly grateful Master,” I commented, as I bowed a full ninety degrees to show my gratefulness.

© 2009 Ramza

Author's Note

anything that needs further development or fixing

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The dark and light view you used was very believable. The world needing darkness made perfect sense when you had Stuhl explain it. The twist was great too! Instead of going the 'light' protagonist route, you've created a wonderful change of pace. Overall this chapter excelled at grabbing the readers interest~~

There was acutally only one thing that I think needed further development. When Gale says, "“I’d always invested my belief in the idea that light symbolized healing, order, righteousness but I can see what you’re saying. " you might want to further explain this. It seems like suddenly, without any consideration, he changed his point of view. Adding some of his thoughts might help the change of view seemless sudden.

This was a great chapter. Can't wait for Gales training to begin~~

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Westerville, OH

Not much to say except that I used to love writing but as of late I don't know what's happened to me. I'm hoping to get back into what I loved and hope that some people can muster up some honest/helpf.. more..

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