The Curse of the Faceless Woman

The Curse of the Faceless Woman

A Poem by Josehf Lloyd Murchison

This poem is a short ghost story we would tell as children about a ghost that only came out on fogy nights to get little children that were out after dark.


The Curse of the Faceless Woman



Lost in time, this story is told,

about a woman, dark and bold.

She walks the streets on a fogy night,

with a hood on her head to hide from sight.


Her story starts one summer’s eve,

beside a lake an evil deed.

A thief stole her daughter’s life,

and filled her soul with pain and strife.


On a moonlit night along the shore,

two young lovers walked and more.

In each other’s arms that night,

they talked of love and held on tight.


In the morning they were found,

their hands and feet with rope were bound.

Eyes wide open a vacant stare,

their souls are gone and no ones there.


The police did search for the one,

an evil deed to be undone.

In vain they search to no avail,

their efforts weak, lost and pale.


A mothers heart broken and splayed,

a debt to justice went unpaid.

She walked the streets at night alone,

to make the sinners pay and atone.


She searched the shores by day and night,

a vain attempt to make things right.

And then one early morning dawn,

she was found her spirit gone.


On fogy nights times untold,

she walks the streets dark and bold.

She only walks the streets at night,

within the fog to hide her flight.


All clad in black she walks alone,

an evil soul she’ll make atone.

She walks among the starless night,

sometimes seen beneath the bright streetlight.


All children know to be aware,

least they see her standing there.

They hurry home at the approach of night,

sure that they would die at her sight.


So in the night if you should see,

a woman in black listen to me.

Look not at her face I say,

Or with your soul you shall pay.




Josehf Lloyd Murchison

© 2010 Josehf Lloyd Murchison

Author's Note

Josehf Lloyd Murchison
Tell me if you liked the story and please be critical about your reviews. If I made a spelling mistake let me know as I do miss some word confusion spellings and so does MSWord. which, witch is which is a bitch.

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That is so powerful and sad, I don't know I feel bad for all of the people, a very sad poem, creepy too and it had really good flow, wonderful rhymes, I'll be saving this one

Posted 5 Years Ago

Nice spooky reading just before winter break ;) Keep it up

Posted 10 Years Ago

Erm, it's foggy, not fogy...
Besides that, this was a great read. A nice little creepypasta to read the night before Christmas...
Keep up the great work!

Posted 11 Years Ago

def. enjoyed this, nice rhyme flow to it...the story does seem like something from that idea.
I do agree with Kaity on the puncuations...but other than that...Wonderful!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Alot of the time I don't like persistent rhymes, but the form of this poem fits perfectly with the genre of a children's story. I love that it alludes to adult subjects, but isn't explicit. I think Fogy needs another g, but I could be wrong. I would advise changing up the punctuation, so that the comma's go where they would if this was written in paragraph form, rather then sticking them at the end of each line. I find punctuation at the end of every line distracting, and it breaks up complete thoughts, but the wonderful thing about poetry is that punctuation is completely up to you. Thanks for sharing this story, very enjoyable.

Posted 13 Years Ago

First off, I loved this so much! I'm a horror lover so this was right up my alley.

The only thing I will say is that there are a few apostrophes needed here and there and this line:

"sometimes seen beneath the bright streetlight."

interrupts the flow of the poem and is just a bit too long. It should try to be shortened to fit the flow of the piece. That's all I see really.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Hello everyone i am new on here from nice to meet you all, fell free to view my albums thanks LOL

Posted 14 Years Ago

mmm fogy should be foggy. That's the only iffy thing i see here. I really dig this piece. I looooove poetry that tells a story, and eerie ones at that. I like your end rhymes alot a-lot. It's quite fantastic, your imagery is vivid. Love it! Keep up the good work!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Josehf Lloyd Murchison
Josehf Lloyd Murchison

Shelburne, Ontario, Canada

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