Why Didn't You Wake Up?

Why Didn't You Wake Up?

A Poem by butterfly

in process...its a tribute to my Uncle Joe...who passed in feb 6 and I said goodbye to yesterday....2021 has been very hard already....

It was such a shock to hear of a loved one passing away in sleep
Why didn't you wake up?
Why didn't someone jump on your bed
like I used to do with you when we were children
Must have been that heaven was a dream
But real all those broken body parts healed
Nothing is a struggle
no more celery juice to drink
in exchange perhaps an angel wing
Its what he deserves
Yet i can't deny seeing you in the box hurt
as we prepared to leave you resting in the dirt
I could no longer hear your voice
I could no longer hear the melody of Hi JoannE
He always knew how to say my name
With sweet and tenderness never forgetting the E
While others called me Joanie or Joanna there was never an error with Uncle Joe
Memories take me back in time to a pink house in the land of oak
Lola Gloria was there and we would run in the home with care
Into your arms and heart
my sisters fighting over Gizmo
We tried to sneak that gremlin home
We snuck in to  your room and read love letters
He never scolded us but said we knew better
Simple melodies play on the old piano
star spangled banner and jaws theme
it was the start of an innocent childhood dream
there were many cats and dogs inbetween
endless scoops of watermelon freeze
then we grew up
some got married in vegas with black and silver raider colors
black cat sung by Janet on the radio
seems that song was on repeat
infused with Lola G saying I love you very much
we enjoyed cosmopolitan buffets
we stayed up and watched Beverly Hills 90210
I never understood the story but I was reminded to never let a guy disrespect me
All of these things I know
mixed in with a simple hug and hello
now fades away as we say goodbye to Uncle Joe
They tell me he passed in his sleep
as he battled ALS
his body was leaving him helpless
why didnt he wake up
was there no one to jump on his bed
then i know he would have if he could
but the dream of heaven when real is just too good

© 2021 butterfly

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Very touching! Totally relatable... It is really sad to lose a loved one but good memories will always keep them alive.

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

Thanks for the review and reading!! It is sad to lose loved ones...its been a tough year already...j.. read more

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Added on March 6, 2021
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