7862 Monroe Dr

7862 Monroe Dr

A Story by john

Maybe I will expand this at some point.

It was a rainy and humid day in the middle of June in Adamsville. I had just moved from the south of the country to the north anticipating at journalism gig there. My first day working at the Adamsville weekly was frankly boring and at this point I was glad it would be a short internship.

The menial tasks of copying papers and getting things for higher-ups was not exactly how I wanted to spend my time, and it was definitely not what I thought I was getting when I signed up. I had worked all night trying to get some writing done but sleep could not be eluded.

 I hopped into bed but as I fell into a trance a most terrifying nightmare had occurred in this sleep perchance to dream all I could see was floating spheres but as I dreamed longer the spheres in a now sundry all turned around at once I tried to speak

"heeel...! heel...!."

But my words were like a bottle with a cork in it. The next day I had walked into the office a bit shaken but at the same time I could not talk about it. I had not made a single friend yet so conversation was completely avoided.

A few hours later a package had arrived, and "as the newbie" was told to open it by my less than appreciative boss. I proceeded to look at the mailing address and strangely there very little to go by. Only 7862 Monroe Dr was written with a small stamp that had a generic graphic of an American flag.

 The only thing left to do was open the box but all I had at my disposable was a pair of mustache scissors because for some reason we had no letter openers in a news office. To my bewilderment there were two parts to the package a letter and a smaller cardboard box I opened the letter first in it this was found.

"He didn't need those eyes anyways, he was blind"

To say I was a little befuddled would be an understatement. And as I dared to open the second box my heart started pounding in a fast almost irregular beat. I slit it open and in a zip lock bag a pair of human eyes was sitting directly in front of me.

© 2013 john

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Added on May 25, 2013
Last Updated on May 25, 2013
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