Bad Gnome Rising

Bad Gnome Rising

A Story by Jon Roggie

They keep dragging me back.
No consideration of debts paid.
All I want is my quiet.

Makes me want to fly away.

Gasping breath grows closer.

Stone smile spreads.
Least he gets some exercise.

Hear a cough,
 and a spit.

"Take that with you."

I enjoy being still.

Just to be honest,
  I tend to be lazy.

It takes effort.

"Why are you hear?"

While he drones away,
 I will take a moment,
   and explain something.

Just because I look like a sculpture on the side of a cathedral,
 does not mean I ignore the world around me.

Tortoise and I play backgammon on occasion.

"I don't know what happened...."

  Forget it.
    Enough is enough.


Found a nice little spot.

Even made a Buckingham guard flinch.

© 2020 Jon Roggie

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Sounds to me Jon, that there is far more to the common garden gnome than meets the eye.
I've got the lazy bit down to a T, but keeping track of them all must be a nightmare.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Jon Roggie

5 Months Ago

One is bad enough.
Rascally gnomes. I wonder why toy story never had one?
So much potential for mischief.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Ana Papaya

6 Months Ago

They'd probably just treat him like an object.
Jon Roggie

6 Months Ago

Now, I am picturing a press conference, and how they are trying to ignore him.
Ana Papaya

6 Months Ago

I would name him Clay and his ideas would be concrete.
They are not to be trusted, are they?
Hanging about the gardens ... hidden in the shrubbery ... smiling like idiots.

What's a gnome to do?

I like the laughing going on in the background.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Jon Roggie

6 Months Ago

Someone, somewhere, needs a laugh.
Doesn't matter the day,
or the season.
I .. read more

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3 Reviews
Added on May 22, 2020
Last Updated on May 22, 2020


Jon Roggie
Jon Roggie

Porterville, CA

I tend to ramble, and rarely explain myself. Take that as you will more..


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