little necromancer

little necromancer

A Story by justiceluvsbats

a boy is kidnapped, and in attempt to be set free, he finds his secret powers.


I knew I was a necromancer when I first turned six and was brutally kidnapped.

I was kept in his basement, there were other children, boys and girls all huddled in the corner, with bruises on there wrists where he had grabbed them and pulled them into the sack.

His eyes were red and vieny when he tore at your arms in desperation to get you out of your bedroom, out of safety, and into his basement. With rats as our company and spiderwebs trickling down every corner we quickly became depressed. Every time you turn you would see a starving kid just like you, who only wanted to get back to their families. How could you not get depressed?

Anyways, I would see ghosts. Ghosts of children who have died here, ghosts of the rats some kids would eat because they were so damn hungry.

They told me about how they wanted to be pilots, or policemen, or even doctors, but would never be able to. They also told me about how they follow him, they see everything he does with each child. They see where he hides the key to the gate that blocks the entrance of the basement, just before the door that easily can be broken with a kick, even the kick of a small child.

They told me they wouldn't give me the key because if they could never leave we shouldn't be able to either.

With fire in my eyes I raised my hands above my head and spoke to them with power I didn't know I even owned. I told them to get the key for me and as if in a trance the ghost girl floated to the door, but always came back because my spell always broke before she gave it to me.

So I practiced telling the ghosts of rats what to do, which was about ten times easier than telling a ghost girl what to do. But for at least a month I practiced controlling their spirits and making them do tricks and float around the room, until my energy dropped to an all time low.

At last I thought I was strong enough to control the ghost girl. I summoned her by concentrating wicked hard on seeing things others couldn't, I would twist my eyes, squint, and even do handstands (I was six, give me a break!). But then I realized she was watching me the whole time. She was standing before me in her blood stained purple overalls. She was about eight. Maybe seven.

Before I could say anything, she pulled a glowing key, that looked just about tangible next to her translucent appearance, out of thin air and said,

Its charmed! You cant make me give it to you and you cant touch it without being electrified!”

she sounded more like a snotty kid than a typical ghost.

Fine! Whatever, I'm done with this!” I ran up to the gate and called upon my higher being or whatever, all I know is that it felt like cold, soft, snow dropping on my head, like someone sent it just for me, and me alone to feel.

I directed all my thoughts on that gate. I pictured it flying open, I imagined it exploding into a million pieces! But instead it only made a croaking sound that reminded me of a frog. I gingerly touched the metal bars on the gate.

Suddenly, I saw the gate fling open. It only took me a moment more to do the same thing with the regular wooden door of a basement.

Children started to gather around the base of our confined “living” arrangement. I could feel how eager they were to get out of this place, to see the garish light of sun, and their families, and their pets, even their classmates! But an ugly guy was not looking as pleased as we were all just feeling, as he flung me down the stairs and every kid moved out of the way. For about 2 seconds my vision was blurred and I could taste the coppery, metallic flavor of fresh blood in the back of my throat.

I stood up and grabbed hold of that otherworldly feeling of peaceful snow on the top of my head, then I directed my concentration towards the man who stole me from my life and kept me locked up for a series of months.

I pictured him flying down the stairs, landing on his head, and being knocked out, completely unconscious. But instead he just seemed to get dizzy.

I realized I had already cast two spells that took a good amount of my energy from me.

Instead I called on the rats. I felt them gravitating towards me, and it felt like I barely had to use any effort.

They listened to me as if they were zombies, they glowed purple with the enchantment I had cast on them.

Soon enough the rats were biting him. Biting him in the face, legs, neck, stomach, but he couldn't see them, no one could. Except me.

So as he stupidly twitched and jerked in pain, I led the kids up into the rest of his almost-not-even-lived-in house.

I opened the front door and watched as every child that has been locked here for ages poured out into the streets, heading in different directions, asking to use the neighbors phones, I even saw a few kiss the ground, but I just inhaled my freedom.

© 2012 justiceluvsbats

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Added on October 20, 2012
Last Updated on October 20, 2012
Tags: goth, witch, wizard, dark, fairy tale, captured, scary, magic, necromancy, rats



wellfleet, MA

i am working on publishing a small collection of my poems, and short stories, i will be thirteen on december 9th, and i consider myself a goth boy. EMILIE AUTUMN IS MY GODDESS! i luv to read i luv .. more..