Cough Until I Shake

Cough Until I Shake

A Poem by Clara Kevie

I have a tickle in my throat
And I cough all day,
But it won't come out.
All night I lay
In bed, awake
Coughing until I shake.

There is poison inside of me.
I know because I hurt.
I cough to set it free,
But it always stays, alert.
It scratches inside me.
Why won't it let me be?

I put it there, I did.
In my sleep, I dreamed.
I cut myself, inserted
This virus that I deemed 
Helpful to my wellbeing.
But oh, was that thought fleeting.

Now I cough all night and day
Unable to tell health from sickness.
I'll cough until I fade away,
Breathing less in my weakness.
The poison I inserted    s t e a l s    m y    b r e a t h ,
P i l f e r i n g    u n t i l    t h e r e    i s     n    o    n    e         l      e      f      t     .

© 2016 Clara Kevie

Author's Note

Clara Kevie
Constructive criticism/feedback is much appreciated :)

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The horror of swallowing an unpleasant truth... COPD of the brain.

Horror is where we find it and how we "direct" the minds to perceive our voice. An "interesting" walk you took and shared.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Oh me, ever be constructive? I'll try :) but an introduction is in order. They call me Bryan the Dark, which is an idiomatic title. My soul is infected and I am a poisonous one, but no more than a viper.

Anyways! I rather enjoyed this. I have no idea the meaning, as some would say I am a witless one. I love the font: I write everything on my phone, even my novels, so it is pelasent to see fonts of this nature.

As i mentioned, in a bit witless, so if you want to explain this to me I'd enjoy it. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Clara Kevie

7 Years Ago

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
I've been experimenting with fonts and font sizes lately and I'm f.. read more

7 Years Ago

Night infects my soul but that is a totally unique thing to me.

This was a wonderful .. read more

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Added on February 7, 2016
Last Updated on February 7, 2016
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Clara Kevie
Clara Kevie

I'm a student with occasional desperate moments of figuring myself out. I write mostly casual whimsical fleeting thoughts. PM me; I take requests :) I'd appreciate if you left constructive fee.. more..