idea for a shot, help needed

idea for a shot, help needed

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I have an idea for a short i have to hand in at the end of the schoolyear

Hey guys,

(note: english is not my native language)

Im a first-year student at a filmschool in Brussels. At the end of the year i have to hand in my first short-movie! After a lot of brainstorming i came across this idea  but i think i might need some help to work some things out. 

Im just gonna write out the notes i made in a bar yesterday..

The short is about somebody with a writer's block (he's stuck) and he's just writing some ideas on a notepad. Eventually he has an idea about someone being robbed. He starts writing the situation and after a brief moment he hears someone screaming outside. When he looks up he sees someone is getting robbed... exactly like he just described in his notepad. But he doesnt quite realize the link yet. Eventually he thinks of another setting.. This one is in a bar, the barman in the story is very clumsy and breaks a glass. Shortly after he wrote that, the barman at his bar drops a glass too. At this moment he starts to realize what is going on, everything he writes actually happens... Here starts the fun and games and  he discovers his power and tries it out on a couple sitting next to him. He managed to start them fighting, at this point something terrible should happen because i wanna reach a turnpoint in the story. Like maybe the woman who runs out the bar is run over or something and he has to feel like its his fault. Or maybe hes thinking of dark ideas to let happen to people but in the end it happens to himself i dont know. 

This short can only be max 5-7 minutes so i dont know if it's realizable. Also i don't have a proper ending yet but i kinda want its something shocking. 

Do u guys think im onto something here or should i just keep it simpler and save this idea for later till i understand more of screenwriting...

But I hope someone can help me out with this idea and maybe help writing it out till it works or just give me some suggestions.

(note: yes the school is ok to ask for help since we never wrote a proper short ourselves...)

Thanks in advance!



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Author's Note

ignore grammar problems, my native language is not english

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Added on November 26, 2014
Last Updated on November 26, 2014
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