Tale of the Dark

Tale of the Dark

A Story by Akimi-秋生

Princess Theia is after her murder... when she has the option to sell her soul off to a person who will do whatever they can to help her take revange and whatever she says will she take the offer?

 I walked through the shadows, watching the people on the street talking and enjoying each other’s company. The trees shade I was walking under were casting scary shadows on the road. I smiled as little children hid behind their mothers skirts to hide from the creepy people. Their dark claws came toward you, and touched you, but did nothing to harm you. I walked in the trees further to find a huge oak tree; people would come from all over to see. They only came at night to see the candles lighting the path, the faces on the tree. I slid my dagger into the huge oak. I yanked out the red stiletto and looked at the cut as it split apart making a door appear. I stepped in and turned as the bark slid together hiding the darkness. I turned around to see the red, black, and pink lights that shone themselves. I looked around from my perch on the tower, two chairs in front of me. Behind me black curtains. I sat down at one of the chairs and looked down, looking at all the people who were sitting in seats, which they had chosen. Mine was picked for me. I looked at the stage, to see the curtains drawn, a microphone in the front. I leaned back into the red fabric of the chair and waited. I soon heard the portal opening and closing as someone stepped through. I looked forward as a person’s presences’ became clear to me.

            “Eael, good to see you again,” I spoke watching the stage as a man stepped on.

            “Theia. Sorry I am late,” He started to mess with his hands in his lap. I turned toward him and saw his short black hair, coming down into the middle of his forehead. I looked into his green eyes that were a pale green. They went from blue to green. I looked to see he was in a tuxedo, and had a blue tie.

            “You weren’t that late. I figured if anything I would be late. I had some…business to take care of,” I said turning to face the stage.

            “Business?” He asked. I waved him off as the spot light was directed my way. I clicked on the microphone that was at my waist, on the black belt of my red dress.

            “Princess Theia, her own majesty. With her fiancé, Eael,” The speak spoke, as we stood up and waved smiling.

            “Thank you all for coming,” I spoke into the microphone. They applauded and sat down as did I, clicking off my microphone.

            “Red dress? That’s not like you,” Eael said looking at my red dress.

            “It was white, but it got some red dye on it… so I had to dye the rest,” I told him looking at my dress, which came up to my knees.

            “Dye or blood?” I looked at him with a grin then stood up to leave. I stood by the curtain and waited for him to follow but he stayed where he was.

            “Well are you coming?” I asked.

            “Shouldn’t we stay?” He asked looking from me to the stage.

            “No. My father is here, I don’t have to. I am not staying you can if you wish,” I told him. He sighed and stood following me out of the curtain. We appeared back outside the tree in the forest. I grabbed his hand and walked toward the street. We stood just barely outside the sunlight then at the same time stepped in. People watched as we walked through the middle of the street, to the town. I looked at him in the sunlight, his skin pale from the darkness.

            “Why are we walking into town in the sunlight?” He asked wrapping his hand around my waist.

            “Because I want to,” I told him pushing him playfully. He pushed back a grin on his face as he walked into town are hands clasped together.

            “Why are we walking into town?” He asked me. I looked at him with a blank face and shrugged. He pushed me playfully as a little kid walked by. Eael quickly grabbed my wrist catching me from falling on the little boy. He smiled slightly at us before running away, back into toward the town.

            “He is going to warn everyone that we are coming you know that right?” He asked me.

            “You are full of questions today. Yes I know that, which is why we need to be ready,” I said putting my hand on my stiletto, and the pommel of my sword. As we neared closer to the town in silence, I saw flames and weapons begin held up. We came ever closer to see people standing, glaring and chanting “No, go away,” I frowned at them and Eael looked at me.

            “Really want to keep walking?” I stared at him for a moment before replying

            “Yes. Stop asking so many questions, silly boy,” I poked his stomach. He poked my back and we kept walking. Nala Population: 36. I frowned at the sign with red letter markings on it changing the population. We stayed about 5 feet from the town’s people. One stepped forward. He had brown hair, middle aged, and a ruff looking face. He wore a blue shirt and brown pants that was hidden by a black apron.

            “Go away Theia, and Eael. We don’t want you here,” He spoke.

            “Oh, but we just want to play,” I said taking a stepped forward unsheathing my sword. They looked from me to the black sword I held, to Eael, then to their leader.

            “Your play is different from ours! Leave us at once!” He shouted, his voice echoing into the forest.

            “Eael! He wants to play with us! Isn’t this going to be fun!?” I asked hugging onto Eaels arm. He smiled and kissed my forhead.

            “Delightful,” He said with a grin.

            “Don’t even use your tricks on us!” The man shouted.

            “Oh, but it is so much more fun!” I shouted as Eael ran toward him grabbing his wrist and shoving it behind his back.

            “Let. Me. Go,” The man said through gritted teeth.

            “Oh Eael let him go but not yet, we shall enjoy our fun on someone else…” I said walking over to the people. Eael turned so the people could see their leader. I held my sword to a woman’s throat. Nothing from the man. A boy, nothing. Another woman, nothing. I then came to a little blonde haired boy about the age of two, playing with a doll. I held the sword to his throat and I saw the man’s eyes widen with fear.

            “Leave him go!” He shouted as I pulled the boy away. Once I was far enough Eael let the man go and ran to my side. I turned the little boy so he was facing me.

            “Hi buddy, what’s your name?” I asked. He blushed and looked down.  I stood up and started to play with the boy’s hair.

            “His name his Joseph, please let him go…” The man said. I looked up and saw he was on the dirt crying and begging.

            “Since you are begging… Joseph go to daddy,” the little looked at me then to his dad and ran to the man on the ground. I watched as the man looked up and the boy hugged him.

            “I wuv you daddy,” The boy hugging him. The man hugged back with a smile on his face. He picked up the boy and held him in his arms as he looked at me.

            “Thank you for not hurting him…. I welcome you here whenever as long as you don’t mess with people…” The man said. Others protested while some agreed with him.

            “Thank…you…” I said slowly at first. He turned and smiled toward me. I ignored it and walked away my hand in Eaels. We walked in silence and I knew Eael would break it once we were far enough away.

            “Ask away,” I told him once we were back in the shadows near the tree.

            “Why did you go easy on the boy? You haven’t done that to anyone…” I looked at him for a few moments taking him in, then grabbed his hand and walked deeper. He didn’t say anything as I came to a stop and started to climb a tree that would lead me to the big oak.

            “Where are we going?” He asked. I turned and put one finger to my lips then continued on. I soon came to the tree where I would have to jump, making it take extra work if I fell.

            “We have to get over there,” I told Eael. He nodded grabbed my waist and backed up, then ran and jumped across. Once we landed he let me go and we walked to the top. We came to a hallway in the oak tree, that led up to the branches. Following the hallway that led to the room we came to spare room we would use if there were an attack. Then we came to the hallway where the branches were, but the roof was closed off. I looked around the room that the hallway led to, a bed, couch, kitchen, carpet, paper on a small table in the corner. I sat on the couch and patted next to me. Eael sat and looked at me.

            “When I was little, I had a little brother… he looked like that little boy… and I couldn’t hurt someone who looked like my brother… because my brother was killed by a murderer. I was left alone because I was hiding… I vowed to hunt down the killer of my mother and brother… which is why I show no fear to anyone… not even you…” I told him looking into my lap. He hugged me and held me close to him.

            “It’s okay, I am glad you told me,” I smiled at him and leaned against him fell asleep.

**Chapter Two**

I ran through the door past the pictures of my family, past the closed doors. I ran into the kitchen to see my mother sitting at the table, a wine glass in her hand. Across from her was my mother’s best friend, Aimi.

                “Yuri, it’s good to see you! How is my favorite assassin?” She asked walking toward me.

                “Next time don’t scream,” I said in a bland voice.

                “Sorry, I must’ve worried you! Sorry dear! Go wash up for dinner,” My mother told the fridge with a smile.

                “Drunk again,” I stated before resting my sword on my shoulder wand walking back to my room.

                “What was it?” Yuri asked me as I stepped into view.

                “Aimi,” I stated walking past toward my closet. I stepped through the closet, sliding past all my clothes, closing the door behind me. I then opened the other door stepping through to the assassin side. I heard a knock on the one door.

                “Yuri shut the other door so we can get in!” Daiki shouted to me.

                “No. Assassin’s only,” I stated hanging up my clothes and quickly changing into my kimono, walking to the door. I stopped in front of a picture of my dad and I training, a smile on both our faces. I smiled at the picture before standing in the door way and turning around.

I have to choose…

I walked into the closet moving past my clothes on their hangers, shutting the door behind me. I slid open the other door, seeing my brother and two friends on the other side.

                “That wasn’t cool,” Yuri told me.

                “Yeah, I’m an assassin,” Daiki said rubbing his head.

                “I wanna see inside!” Yumiko looked over my shoulder.

                “You can’t even try, nor can you Dai, you have your own assassin room which is now closed off.  You cannot enter without my entry,” I explained to them pushing past them to sit at my desk.

                “What are you doing now? It’s time for dinner,” Yumi asked me looking over my shoulder.

                “Work, I already ate, go on without me,” I stated in a bored tone.

                “Come out when you are done?” Yuri asked me while walking out of my room. Yumi and Dai patted my shoulder and head before walking out, shutting the door behind them.

                “Kaito you can come out now,” I stated looking at the wall.

                “Meow,” I heard a small mew coming from behind the closet door. I smiled before standing up and walking to the closet opening the door for a small three tailed kitten to walk out. The small black and white diamond headed cat jumped onto my lap as I kneeled down, petting him.

                “Good boy Kaito,” I smiled rubbing his soft fur against my cheek.

                “Yuri do you know…. Is that Kaito?” I turned around quickly to see my brother standing in the door way.

                “Get in and shut the door!” I shouted at him standing up with the kitten in my hand.

                “You have had him this entire time! He belonged to dad and you kept him when mom got rid of him!” Daiki whispered to me walking over. Kaito mewed before jumping out of my arms and rubbing himself against Daiki’s legs.

                “Dad gave Kaito to me! You know it too! There is no way I am letting that demon kitten out of reach. I love Kaito,” I whispered walking over and petting the kitten.

                “I loved Kaito too! You could have at least told me, you should have respected mom’s wishes in giving him away,” He told me petting the kitten.

                “You know he would have come back. He protected dad and he will do the same for me. I am not letting him go,” I picked up the kitten before walking over to my desk and sitting down looking at the paper in front of me.


                “Dai, leave. Tell no one of Kaito,” I stated without looking up as he came near. We waited in silence till he sighed, leaving.

                “Fine. Do you know where the salt is?” He asked. I opened the second drawer down on the right tossing a salt shaker behind me. I heard him catch, turning and walking out the door. I quickly stood before jumping toward the spot, arm outreached. I landed catching the grains of salt before they hit the ground. I stood up standing in front of my trash can before throwing the salt behind my shoulder, into the trash can.

                “Better take precaution. Never know what could happen right Kaito?” I asked sitting down and staring at the flower drawing in front of me. The small kitten mewed before crawling down to my lap. I scooted my chair back opening the center drawer and pulling out a sharpened pencil. I started to shade the shadow on the flower before looking at the wall.

                “Mew,” Kaito said rubbing my face.

                “I miss Dad too Kaito…” I whispered wiping a tear from my face. I sat watching the pictures a while longer before standing, Kaito at my heels. I walked to the closet after picking up Kaito, opening the door and stepping through. I closed the door, standing in the middle of my two worlds.

I have to choose… I shook my head, sliding open the door, into my tan room. I set Kaito down on the ground before walking to the door.

                “Kaito, you are coming with me. Mom should know I have you… she won’t even remember,” I picked up the kitten, holding him in my arms as I stepped through. We walked down the hallway, passed the closed doors and the old pictures. I stood an inch from the light of the kitchen and living room. I stepped out, walking toward the door.

                “Leave the guards alone this time!” My mother shouted as I slipped on my shoes. I waved her off as I walked out the door into the forest.

                “Ready Kaito?” I asked letting the kitten jump out of my arms. He growled before letting flames surrounded him, making him grow into a giant lion type animal. He roared this time as I sat on his back, letting him leap into the sky. Fire stood at his feet, allowing us to jump into the sky. We flew through the sky before flying over a huge clearing, with a river running through. I heard a scream that no one else would have heard. I looked down, to see a small dot running from a bunch of other dots.

                “Kaito!” I pointed to the ground, Kaito nodding before flying toward the ground landing in front of the now fallen person. I turned to see a small little girl running from older guys.

                “Get out of the way! That girl stole from us!” One shouted. I got off of Kaito who turned to be facing them.

                “Kaito, take the girl and get into the sky. I’ll call if I need you,” I stated to the black cat. He growled before walking over to the little girl who slowly stood up. She stepped forward before climbing onto Kaito’s back.

                “You can’t take all of us,” Another told me as Kaito leapt into the sky.

                “Oh really. Try me,” I said standing with my arms in an x-position over my chest. They muttered to each other before one stepped forward.

                “I’ll take you first,” He told me. He charged toward me, before swinging his fists at me. I shook my head jumping out of the way. He growled with frustration before swinging again.

                “Why don’t you all come at me?” I asked dodging. They all nodded before charging at me. I dodged all their attacks before hitting on in the face.

                “Dude she got our leader….” One stated. He stood up before wiping his face, and hitting me while I was down. I jumped out of the way before sighing.

                “When will you give up?” I asked sighing.

                “Give us the girl and we will stop fool!” One shouted at me.

                “Never. She didn’t do anything wrong, I can tell,” I dodged another attack.

                “How?” One asked stopping.

                “See how she isn’t scared. When people steal or lie when the person they stole from comes they get scared. She isn’t.  She hasn’t done anything bad before has she?” I asked. They all stopped looking at the girl who was on Kaito’s back a few feet above their heads.

                “Fine, we’ll leave her alone for now. You’re lucky you have someone protecting you girl!” Their leader shouted to her. They walked through the woods, leaving me alone on the ground.

                “It’s okay now Kaito,” I sighed. Kaito landed in front of me, the girl stepping off once he kneeled down.

                “Why did you help me?” The girl asked. She had golden eyes and brown hair.

                “You didn’t try to stop them? A helper of Death shouldn’t have to worry. Couldn’t you just fly into the air?” I asked sitting down.

                “How could you tell I was a helper of Death?” She asked sitting in front of me.

                “You’re eyes, how you don’t feel emotion, and how you don’t have life energy emitting from you,” I explained. She nodded before a light came from her, blocking my vision. When the light cleared I saw a teenaged black haired girl.

                “Yes, you have an amazing view of death Yuri. You know a lot about things normal people don’t. You also can hear, see, smell, and taste things a lot better than any normal human could. I couldn’t change or they would know about me. I am undercover doing a mission. I cannot reveal who I am to any normal human. But you have sense know one else would,” She told me.

                “Well, I best be off,” I stood walking over and sitting on Kaito.

                “Farewell, and thank you for your help,” I nodded before Kaito flew off back toward our house. He landed outside the door before shrinking into his kitten form. I picked him up before stepping inside, slipping off my shoes. I saw my friends and family talking at the table. I quietly snuck past them into the hallway before running to my room and locking the door. I sighed as Kaito jumped from my arms, scratching at the closet door. I nodded before opening the door and stepping in myself. I stood inside, in between the doors.

I have to choose… I nodded before sliding open the door to my assassin stuff.

© 2012 Akimi-秋生

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