Forever, Ever Lost

Forever, Ever Lost

A Poem by Marisa Kathleen Lopez

Sometimes you need to read between the lines and realize fantasy from reality.

Slow and quiet the darkness Faded
As that baby girl smiled and Shone
The many other infants began to feel Jaded
And soon she was taken Home.

Her eyes likes jewels as they Opened
Tiny hands reaching for anything soft and Fluffy
Her lips learning to move, she has now Spoken
She never knew the word Nothing.

She learned to cross the board, oh! she learned to Walk
Everything was her target, she was creating new little Torrents
Here she knew the fairytale endings, reality as washable as Chalk
Never did she worry, forever ever after, she had her Parents.

Little girl grew through the Months
Speaking rhymes and singing a little Song
She didn't realize the world was Tough
Dreams she dreamed through the night were Gone.

With a hope in her mind and filling her Veins
No dream did she cast Dwindle
She was the sun, controlling its Rays
She had big dreams to never be Little.

Never one to sit quiet in her tiny Chair
She hopped, bounced, and began to Twirl
Watching her little bow fly in her Hair
She was such a naive Girl.

And when it Snowed
She would pick at the Frost
And skate on the icy Road
Going up and down, never afraid to get Lost.


Little girl slowly Faded
She rarely Shone
Forever was she Jaded

Always Opened
The world wasn't ever soft and Fluffy
Bad memories never Spoken.

Even though she was allowed to Walk
Death's angel sent her life into many Torrents
Her parents' white as Chalk.

Her lonely days turned into a Month
Into a year, and again she would repeat the Song
And still she knew though all is lost she must still be Tough.

As she grew so did her mutilated Veins
Her hope beginning to Dwindle
Nothing could touch her--not even the sun's Rays

Sitting alone in her Chair
She sighed and she gave the scissors a Twirl
And off came her Hair

And again she remembered how it Snowed
The pretty designs on her window created by Frost
The twist of the car down the icy Road.

Her home
Was soon nothing

Her parents
Were gone

Poor Little

© 2010 Marisa Kathleen Lopez

Author's Note

Marisa Kathleen Lopez
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Added on July 8, 2010
Last Updated on July 8, 2010


Marisa Kathleen Lopez
Marisa Kathleen Lopez

El Paso, TX

I love to write, read, dance, and make music. I'm feminist--to a degree--and independent. I love meeting new people and hearing new ideas and theories so feel free to share :) more..