Through and Through

Through and Through

A Story by Lilypad

How Sick Are you?


I was caught and put into this place. I’ll be in here a long time so I figured I might as well do something to take up my time. At least I’ll have something to help me look back on my glory days. On the bright side this will also help me relive my exciting adventures. Who would have thought I would ever be a writer.


My sister always covered for me, the first time she was so nervous and scared of me but she never treated me differently. In fact she became more protective of me.

When I was a kid I was afraid of the dark and my mother would say, “Eugene there is nothing to be scared of now go back to sleep.”

“Mom I’m scared” I would tell her but she would just kiss my forehead and return to her room, making sure to turn off the lights as she went. I would hear screams, shouts and groans in the middle of the night and I thought they were monsters coming for me, I would later on find out that my parents were just f*****g sickos in the sac.


My first time was a threesome, they were a bit young for my taste but they got the job done, they were around 16 or 17. I picked them up while they were on their way home from school from a nice residential area, very nice place. I talked to them for a little bit and convinced them to get in my car. I told them I would take them home after we passed by my house for something I had forgotten but they looked nervous. When we got to my house I invited them in and they very reluctantly agreed, I almost had to drag them inside. Once inside I offered them something to drink as I went to the living room door and locked it and put the chain in place on the hook. Their voice got shaky and they began to tremble as their eyes got watery. They began to plead with me, trying to bargain, “we won’t tell anyone, we promise just please let us go”. I told them to relax that nothing was going to happen to them as long as they behaved themselves. I led them up to my bedroom where I had prepared everything. I took the prettier one first then her friend, then the both of them at the same time. When I was done I pulled my hunting knife from underneath the pillow and killed them. I kept them until they began to stink then I dumped them into an old deserted mine shaft I had found some years earlier. That was 7 months ago.


My fear would turn into nightmares and I would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and having pissed all over my bed. My father would get so mad at me that he eventually started throwing me out of the house into the woods every time I would wet the bed. This of course didn’t fix it and even to this day I have to do my laundry in a separate machine than everyone else because nobody wants pissed blankets to mix with their dedicates.


All the best stories start with “this one time” so here goes. This one time I was hiking when I noticed a group of friends setting up their camp telling jokes and what not so I decided to keep my eye on them for the day. By the time the sun was going down and it was getting dark I was getting bored so when they called it a night and went into their tents I decided to have my fun. I went to the biggest tent and started making sounds around it to rile up the guys inside. It worked. The bravest one came out of the tent to investigate and as I moved away into the darkness of the woods I stepped on a branch which snapped very loud and I couldn’t help but exclaim “s**t”. So this guy who I later learned was named Kyle got some nerve and started yelling some very rude, very profane comments and he made me very mad. It reminded me of my father telling me I was a p***y and I would always be a cry baby. I made my way around behind him and knocked him out with a rock, when his friends came rushing out I pulled out my riffle and told them not to move or they would all die. I got them to tie each other up against some trees separate so they could not see each other and I tied the last one myself. Then I went to have a chat with my father.


I took him and dragged him up against a tree and tide him to it by the neck so it would be hard for him to breath. He was asking me why. That enraged me, all the things he did to me, my mother, my sister and he still had the balls to ask me why I was doing this. “You’re a worthless, piece of s**t human being and an even worse father”. He began to cry. I laughed in his face, seeing him like this was priceless. “Who’s the cry baby now you p***y, I wonder if I were to let you go out into these wood like you used to do to me so many years ago, if you could survive the way I had to”. I cut the rope and walked away, he started to cry uncontrollably and then he sighed in relief that I was letting him live. I then turned around walked back towards him as I took out my hunting knife from its leather sheath hung on my belt. He pissed himself from fear, how ironic, like father like son they say. I stabbed him twice in the heart and slashed his chest to make sure he died. If not from the stabs then from blood loss. I realized a few of his friends had gotten loose and had run off but I didn’t know how long ago. I decided to run around some circles all over the woods and then I traveled up stream trough a river so that the police dogs couldn’t follow my scent.


During my cold nights in the woods I lost my fear of the dark, I guess I can thank him for that. Now instead of being scared of the dark I was scared of what was within it, like the wild animals who would watch you all night waiting for you to fall asleep so they can devour you. I never slept on the nights my father threw me out of the house. I would stay awake because I was not going to let any wild beast eat me. Instead I stayed up wide away holding my legs tight against my chest while I listened to the yelling coming from inside the house. It’s as if they never got tired of f*****g. And that s**t I called my mother. I always thought she loved me but all she cared about was that thing hanging between that b******s legs. She didn’t even care that her own son was freezing outside.


My sister hid me after I told her about Kyle. She loved me for it, our father used to touch her after he finished with our mother. My sister’s name is Rose and she is pretty like one. She always cared for me, protecting me and looking out for me. She always told me when I should go out of town and she would inform me when it was ok to return. She was my most trusted partner and she looked out for me till the very end.


I came across Anne and Teddy as I was leaving Glen’s Falls and they were at the parking lot getting everything they needed, it looked to me like they were going hiking. They seemed to go well together that kind of pair that makes people admire them just by the way the treated each other. But I could tell they deep inside they were sick perverts just like my father and mother and I knew I had to do something about it. I got close and pretended to be lost, they were nice enough to give me proper directions and as they turned when they were done helping me I took out my hunting knife and stabbed Teddy in the chest twice and slashed him on the chest like I did Kyle, he went down quickly enough, I think it was the shock. And Anne was weak enough that I could just drag her into the woods by force, she was weak and I also had a knife to her neck. I think that might have helped hehehe.


Once I took her deep enough into the woods she stopped trying to wrestle free, she knew even if she got away she would still be lost in the woods and I would have better chances of finding her then she did of finding safety. I liked Anne, I took her to a cave near the mine where I dumped my first two. She was very good at making and keeping conversations. She would ask me just the right questions that would have me talking for what seemed like hours and she would listen and respond when appropriate never once cutting me off.


She did cut me off though. She let my father throw me out of the house into the cold night and just wait for him to return to screw her like he did every night. She never really listened to me she just told me what I wanted to hear.


She got sassy with me one day so I beat some sense into her and then I had my way with her the way she loved it when my father did it. I got so mad at her afterwards. “Why did you let him do that to me?” she looked confused and scared, she was crying but she managed to ask “what are you talking about?” I was furious. “How can you act like you don’t know what I’m saying? He threw me out in the dead of night just because I wet the bed mommy, how could you let him do that and then take him inside you. How could you reward him after he left me out in the cold you heartless b***h. You deserve to die just like he did”. She really started crying then saying something like I was confused and that it wasn’t her fault.


My Father was tyrant and no one was safe from him. Thinking back on it now I doubt that all that screaming from my mother every night was from pleasure. They always sounded so pained. They sounded like the screams of my victims. Like the screams of one of the girls as she watched me plunge an almost foot long hunting knife into her friend repeatedly and then her screams of fear as I neared her.


My last day with my mother I had found a quiet little pine grove near lake pleasant I thought she would like. As I was trying to get my pants off to remind her of her nights with my father she grabbed for my hunting knife. I almost instinctively rammed the butt of my rifle against her temple and she collapsed to the ground in pain. She very shakily tried to get up but I wasn’t about to let her hurt me ever again so I hit her with my riffle again and then I stabbed her twice in the chest. I put her body on the back of an orange Buick I had stolen and drove it to the mine shaft and I dumped her there with my firsts.


Rose didn’t argue much, she hid my knife, washed my clothes and gave me new ones. We sat in her back step after we had dinner. She made the best hamburgers. The next day I left early and she gave me two meatloaf sandwiches for the road. I heard they had her ride a helicopter over the entire forest trying to get me to turn myself in. she was always a great actress.

Everything was great, I as free on the road and I had many new people to meet but then my car broke down. That’s the reason they caught me not because they found me through great detective work and it’s very important that everyone knows that.


My lawyers were the best out there because I was so famous. I was the infamous Eugene Trask, I was a household name. Who would have known I would be such a somebody one day. Well the lawyers did a good job and they had me tell them everything so they could defend me properly as they said. I told them everything there was to say and lucky for me instead of being sent to jail I got sent to a nice correctional facility. Where they hope to fix my fucked up head and when they do I get to go back to my woods.



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Added on September 27, 2015
Last Updated on September 27, 2015
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