Lovers Quarrel

Lovers Quarrel

A Story by Kawaii_Mafin

Lovers Quarrel

“Babe how about you play Modern Warfare 3 with me?” Jackson asked.

“Let me think, umm, no,” Samara said. “Besides I have homework and then I want to play my Sims.”

“What!” Jackson shouted. “No, it’s not due till Tuesday and I really want you to play.”

“Babe you know how I like to be ahead so I can read over my work before I submit it,” Samara pleaded. “At least let me do my homework.”

“Ok,” Jackson mumbled. “You’re going to play with me.”

“What you say?” Samara asked.

“Nothing,” Jackson said.

“It’s been three hours what are you doing writing a book?” Jackson asked.

“Ha-ha real funny, I’m just being cautious as all,” Samara said.

“For three hours? Come on!” Jackson said. “Wait! You’re playing the Sims!”

“Don’t be grabbing my screen like that! What are you mad or something?” Samara stated.

“Come on, play with me it’ll be fun,” Jackson pleaded.

“No, this time I really am doing my homework, see, I have Word up and everything,” Samara said.

“Fine, if I don’t hear typing I’m taking your computer away,” Jackson responded.

“Fine,” Samara responded.

“Wow you’re dying over there, been shot by the same person six times now,” Samara said.

“Dude, don’t worry about what’s over here stay over there and do your typing stuff.” Jackson replied.

“I can do both, I can watch you die multiple times and do my homework. It’s what you called being a multitasked person.” Samara said.

“Watch out!”

“Dude, would you stay over there and type, you messing up my mojo.” Jackson said.

“It’s not my fault you keep getting your head blasted off,” Samara responded, “you know. You really suck at this maybe you need to play something else.”

“Ugh! Maybe you need to pay attention to your own work.” Jackson replied.

“Yes! I’m killing it, they aint got nothing on me. I’m beating that a*s.” Jackson shouted.

“Really? Was that necessary?” Samara asked.

“Don’t hate.” Jackson said.

“I’m not hating when are you going to fix dinner, I’m hungry.” Samara asked.

“After this game.” Jackson said.

“Fine.” Samara replied.

“Jackson it’s almost eight, what the hell man?” Samara said.

“Dang woman,” Jackson said, “you coming in the kitchen with me?”

“Why do I need to, you’re the cook.” Samara said.

“I like the company.” Jackson said.

“So I’m guessing your coming in the kitchen with me to keep me company as I wash dishes?” Samara questioned.

“Yup.” Jackson responded.

“What is that? Eww don’t put that in there. I’m not eating it.” Samara said.

“Really? It’s just an onion. You act like I’m putting a body in here.” Jackson stated.

“Minds well. Now I got to see big chunks of onions floating everywhere in the stew.” Samara said.

“You’re not even going to taste it. Damn you complain to much.” Jackson said.

“Aye, I heard that. Don’t make me come over there. Do you want me to make the cornbread?” Samara asked.

“Yes. Please do that.” Jackson replied.

“Hmmm. It was good. I just took out the onions.” Samara said.

“I knew you was going to waste a perfectly good stew.” Jackson said.

“You knew I didn’t like onions I don’t know why you put them in there. Are you going to read my story?” Samara asked.

“It gives it season and are you going to play Modern Warfare 3 with me?” Jackson asked back.

“Really? Your such a jerk sometimes,” Samara said, “please, I need another set of eyes.”

“Alright, only because I love you.” Jackson said.

“Thanks babe.” Samara said.

“Umm. Um-hmm. Ok. Mistake here, here, here and here.” Jackson said, “Minor mistakes but overall great story. Are you going to turn it in today?”

“Naw, sometime tomorrow. I want to have some more eyes look over it then I’m going to look over one last time.” Samara said.

“Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me, now come on bed time.” Jackson said.

“Morning babe,” Jackson said, “how you sleep?”

“Well, you kept taking the blanket again, so I slept, freezing. I’m fat but even my fat couldn’t keep me warm because you had the air to below 50.” Samara stated.

“Oh. I did. I’m sorry honey you want me to warm you up?” Jackson asked.

“No, no get off me.” Samara said.

“Where you going?” Jackson asked.

“To the bathroom!” Samara shouted.

“What’s for breakfast?” Jackson asked.

“Cold cereal, you punk. I’m going back to bed.” Samara said.

“Wake up silly head. Your dad called and he’s coming by to drop off that money.”  Jackson said.

“How long have I been sleep?” Samara asked.

“Hmm. Four hours I believe.” Jackson answered.

“You let me sleep the day away, wow, go figures captain Jack.” Samara said.

“Hey, you woke up cranky so I let you sleep,” Jackson said, “your dad’s out here.”

“Hey dad. How you been?” Samara asked.

“Trying to make it. Now, don’t go spending it all in one place.” Samara’s dad said.

“Ok, I won’t, bye daddy.” Samara said.

“Pizza?” Jackson asked.

“Fine,” Samara said. “ I like to place an order for a large pepperoni pizza.”

“No, meat lovers.” Jackson whispered.

“What?” Samara asked.

“One large pepperoni would that be all today?” The lady on the phone asked.

“Hello, ma’am?”

“Yes ma’am. I’m here just give me one moment,” Samara said, “what?”

“Meat lovers. Oh and a root beer.” Jackson said.

“Wow robbed me blind why don’t you,” Samara said, “hi ma’am can I have one meat lovers and one two liter of root beer, please.”

“Yes ma’am. Your total will be fifteen dollars and twenty-seven cents. It should arrive in thirty to forty five minutes.”

“Thank you” Samara said, “Your so rude Jackson, I was on the phone you dork.”

“Sorry, but I didn’t want pepperoni.” Jackson said.

“Whatever.” Samara said.

“Pizza’s here!” Jackson yelled.

“Hi. Your total is fifteen dollars and twenty-seven cents.” The deliver boy said.

“Here you go, thank you.” Samara said.

“Man I’m hungry, movie night?” Jackson asked.

“Babe don’t be greedy at least let me put the pizza box down before you start digging in.” Samara said.

“Na-na, how about The Possession?” Jackson asked.

“Scary, but ok, if I have a nightmare I’m killing you.” Samara said.

“Don’t worry I’ll hold you nice and tight.” Jackson said.

“I’m too scared to get to bed, it was way to scary.” Samara said.

“Really?” Jackson asked.

“Yea. I don’t know why I thought I could eat greasy food and watch a movie and still try to sleep,” Samara said, “I’m trying to scare myself to death in my sleep!”

“Modern Warfare 3?” Jackson asked.

“Yea sounds good,” Samara said, “you planned this didn’t you?”

“Like I tell you.” Jackson said.

© 2013 Kawaii_Mafin

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Added on March 14, 2013
Last Updated on March 14, 2013
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Hello, I am 23 years old and have been writing for quite some time now. Just like many writers, writing has been the outlet to my emotions and how I view life. My passion is fiction. I love seeing my .. more..

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