What are you trying for?

What are you trying for?

A Poem by TheKaylaPup

Do you ever feel so fed up with the world?
So tired of this s**t that other people are doing and saying?
Ever feel like you just want to escape?
Run away from this place?
These people?
But people are all the same anyway,
and you can never escape so there's no use trying,
and what are you trying for?
What are you working towards?
There's no hope left,
and you'll never be great,
and all that you do is a waste anyway,
and what are you trying for?
What are you working towards?
The problems we have,
they never go away,
they only change,
and the world will never be 
a nice well lit space,
So what are you trying for?
What are you working towards?
And the people you hate,
they will never go away,
they'll only change names and faces as they fly though your life.
And the one's that you love, 
who can hurt you the most,
they'll fly right through too, 
only memories of them will never fade away,
and you'll always be left with the worst kind of pain,
So what are you trying for?
What are you working towards?
and the haters you face,
they are always gonna hate,
and nothing you say will ever change their ways,
so what are you trying for?
What are you working towards?
So why not stop now?
Give up, and f**k off?
Embrace this world filled with violence and hate,
you won't ever beat them,
there's no sense in trying?
For what though?
I mean really.
What good would it do? 
Those posers and haters will never love you.
So what are you trying for?
What are you working towards?
So what?
Forget those haters,
Move on with your life.
You can't really quit trying.
You have to press on,
and no, your problems won't ever go away
and haters, they just gonna hate,
But you can make a difference,
I know that it's true.
No, you can't change everything.
But you can change a lot.
Start little, work up.
Make a difference to each person you meet, 
even just a smile, or a wave,
Remind them that there some that don't hate,
Remind them that the world Can change.
Make the world a better place.
What are you trying for?
What are you working towards?

© 2011 TheKaylaPup

Author's Note

OK, really rough draft. The set of questions is really mean to be sarcastic in the beginning, but the very last time, they are mean to be more serious. I was angry when I started to write, it didn't really have a direction and I guess I found one as I calmed down. What do you guys think? How can it be better?

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The message of the poem is really stunning! I salute you for writing about this problem. I loved the flow. And even though it was quite long, it was still captivating and it made me read till the end. So great job on that. ;)

Posted 12 Years Ago

wow. i loved it. it was very well written, and i liked that you transititioned from sarcasm to seriousness, like you said in your A.N. i'm trying to find something to give you criticism about, but i can't find anything! great write.

Posted 12 Years Ago

i'm working towards being a psychologist so i can help people understand themselves and they are then much happier. i really didn't see any thing to change or fix. maybe cuz i understand.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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