Cloudy Rainy Day

Cloudy Rainy Day

A Poem by kclyaine

A song that I suddenly thought of, when I was walking to the library and of course, its raining.

Outside the outskirts of a peaceful town
A cold-blooded demon came
And he lives in an abandoned house
Not sure what purpose did he bring

Folks in this town with frightened hearts
Making reasons for dismay
And for the poor and lonely one
Just trying to live a peaceful day

By chance, a traveller have stumble down
To the road the demon was taking
And that guy, he saw his eerie eyes

By then, the traveller run off and told everyone
Full of fear, discord was taking up

In this place that once called peaceful town
People here have felt dismay
The demon has cursed this very town
To make it raining everyday

Now this town have overflood
No crops could have been made
They wish the cursed would gone
No circumstances they could stay this way

Just now, they thought of a plan, find a person
To melt the demons coldblooded heart
They choose the dying orphaned one

She said "yes", she doesn't care
Whether she was gutted, bolted, or become a sacrifial pawn
She knew, there's no escape at all

As she walked towards the door
Whether it was cloudy or rainy day
If her life can be use for all
Even if takes her life away

The brave orphaned girl
She opened up the gate
She went towards the rumored house
And knocked, knowing her life won't stay the same

A year has passed by now
And all the rumors have gone like a flash
The cursed rain have stopped like there wasn't one

There was a demon in a abandoned house
And a girl, who saved the town
As she melted the colded blooded heart
Under this cloudy rainy day

© 2016 kclyaine

Author's Note

Well this isn't the original song. It was in first person, the girl's perspective. I'm sure there would be so many questions if I posted the first one. So I made a narrative version in third person. I'll explain the story in my blog.

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