My Mirage

My Mirage

A Poem by Bookworm1223

Your fist clasped my heart,
Its broken wings attempted to flutter
But met only the iron bands of your love.
Your love,
Always to be outdone by mine.
It scared you, didn't it?
To have someone love you when you could not love yourself.
When you would not love yourself.
My love was innocent - perhaps naïve - but real,
It saw your flaws,
But it also saw your potential.
And so I loved you.
But to what end?
Your selfish insecurities poisoned my soul,
Your actions fell like atom bomb after atom bomb,
Until now I am nothing more than the wasteland you created.
And yet this wasteland longs for you.
In dreams I seek you out.
You are my mirage.
An inviting oasis that hovers on a horizon just out of reach.
Why do I continue to reach for something I never truly had?
Why do I torture myself with your endless drought?
My mirage, my dear, sweet mirage,
I must lose sight of you.
I must lose the hope that someday your water will flow once more.
And so, mirage, I will weep.
But with my tears will come new life,
And soon I will be my own oasis.
I will slake my own thirst and never long for your sweet torture again.
Adieu, mirage. Adieu.

© 2016 Bookworm1223

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Added on May 19, 2016
Last Updated on May 19, 2016