Michael Imagine

Michael Imagine

A Story by Kree Camille

You took another shot of whiskey as you looked at another picture of you and your ex-boyfriend, Michael. You learned that your 8 month relationship was all a lie. Fake. The scattered pictures on the floor were the traces of how you guys bonded and played pretend with love. You already got a couple of shots and filled your glass again.

“I wish that I could wake up with amnesia, to forget about these stupid little things.” You sang.

You took another photo (this was your first picture) warm tears started to pour again, wiping them off you threw the photo on the floor. Flashbacks pictured your mind of all the things that happened for the past 8 months. The dates, hugs, kisses and moments you had, they all came back. Michael’s last words were all that you can hear.

“Our relationship isn’t real.” The voice said.

“No!” you screamed.

The voice came back along with the memories. You closed your eyes and covered your ears but the voice kept on ringing on your ears. You opened your bloodshot eyes, saw a gun and stared at it.

“Forget about these stupid little things.” You sang as you held the cold gun in your hands.

Placing it on your head you took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. As your bloody head hit the floor, you heard someone yell your name. Michael. He came back.

“No no no no! Okay Y/N look at me. Look at me.” He cried.

“M-Michael, Y-ou c-came back.” You said weakly.

“Y/N, our relationship might be fake but you should know that I really loved you.”  He said with tears flowing in his eyes.

“I love you, Michael.” You said.

“I love you too.” He said holding you tightly.

“You did.” You smiled and drifted off.

“No, Y/N hold on please. Stay with me.” Michael cried.

Unfortunately, it was too late, if he had been there earlier he would have saved you.  He kept on saying your name as he cried over your dead body wishing he had been there for you. As he laid you down he saw the gun you used, he took it and held it tight.

“Almost there Y/N, wait no more. I love you. I always did and always will.” With that said, he pulled the trigger.

© 2014 Kree Camille

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Added on June 5, 2014
Last Updated on June 5, 2014


Kree Camille
Kree Camille


Amateur writer. I don't write that good so don't expect too much from me. more..

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