Michael Imagine

Michael Imagine

A Story by Kree Camille

“Three more months, baby.” Michael said over Skype.

“But Michael, three months is a long time.” You sighed.

“Y/N, we’ve already survived the past three months. We’re half way there.”

“If there was only a chance to bring you back here right now.” You said with tears starting to form around the bridge of your eyes.

“Just give me a little more time.” He said.

You stopped yourself from crying, knowing that he hates to see you cry. You always thought that long distance relationships were not that hard to manage but it was the exact opposite. You would cry every night missing the love of your life, wanting to be with him each day.

“It’s just so hard without you here.” You told him.

“I know.” He smiled.

You tried your best to smile back but failed. You looked down at your tattoo which matches the one Michael’s arm. To the Moon. The tears that you held back started falling.

“Are you crying?” Michael asked.

“No! I’m not.” You said wiping away your tears.

“Yes you are.” Michael said worried.

“No, I’ve just got something on my eye. It kinda hurts.” You said, faking a laugh.

“You don’t need to cry no more.”

You were confused with what he said.

“No more crying baby.” He said again.

You thought that you were dreaming when you turned around and saw him.


“Yes, Y/N. I told you just to give me a little more time.”

You were lost for words so you jumped up and wrapped your arms around him, still crying. His strong arms caressed your small figure. It was the best feeling on earth but all good things have to end, you both pulled back.

“I missed you so much!” you whispered.

“I missed you more.” He said kissing your forehead.

You just smiled and hugged him again.

“I can’t believe that you’re really here.”

“I told you just to give me a little more time baby.”

“You did.” You smiled. 

“Oh Y/N, look!” he said doing a magic trick giving you a bracelet.

“Cool, magic trick.” You told him.

“Look closer.” He said.

The bracelet had something engraved in it.

“To the moon and back.” You read.

“Just like our tattoos.” You said looking at yours.

“Yup.” He smiled.

“I love you, Michael.”

“To the moon and back?”

“To the moon and back!”


© 2014 Kree Camille

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Added on June 5, 2014
Last Updated on June 5, 2014


Kree Camille
Kree Camille


Amateur writer. I don't write that good so don't expect too much from me. more..

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