The King's Justice

The King's Justice

A Story by Kelsey

Dahlia meets the trial after her son's death


“The King's Justice” (238 words)


“The trial has ended. They made a decision.” The council members nodded amongst themselves.


The speaker went on. “You were being tried for the murder of your son, Hail Thalion, the heir to the throne. Do you wish to speak?”


Hail was three months old and his father, four months dead. It was her and Hail to rule the kingdom. She wasn't let near the throne because of her being a woman, but she had planned to raise Hail to be a great ruler.


Dahlia faced the council of men. “I am here to accept your decision.”


Some shook their head. She did not need their pity or their scorn. She was above every one of them. She took her own life in her hands.


Dahlia moved on her knees in front of the wood block. The executioner stood next to her, axe in hand. She kept her eyes forward.


Hail had been found strangled in his cradle under a feather pillow. It was the evidence they held against her.


“You have been found guilty.”


Dahlia would not smile.


She held Hail's blue body in her arms when she found him. She would not shed a tear. It was time to stop playing this game. If they wanted a mad king, they would have one, but she would not.


The axe was raised above her head.


She met her brother's eyes on the throne. He smiled.

© 2014 Kelsey

Author's Note

Flash fiction and has to stay below 250 words

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Added on May 23, 2014
Last Updated on May 23, 2014
Tags: fantasy, king, death, trial




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A Story by Kelsey