Don't ask.

Don't ask.

A Poem by ♪The Girl Next Door♪



I don't want to hear

"I know how you feel"

I don't want you to tell me

"In time you will heal."

Don't pretend that you know me.

You're not in my heart.

You don't know what's INSIDE ME.

You haven't help my scars.

You cant expect me to trust you.

Nobody can trust everyone.

Don't let it wrap you up,

For me, everyone is replaced by anyone.

"They" tell me something's wrong.

"They" are held in such high power

just freaks who took a few classes

eventually they will all cower.

I appreciate your words.

Your trust makes me smile.

But you can't see any of my pain.

And it might take a while.

I'm stuck in my own mind game

All I know is foul play.

So I'm always in jail.

Don't run by and

 save me,







© 2013 ♪The Girl Next Door♪

Author's Note

♪The Girl Next Door♪

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I like the way you have it spread about as if you were trying to display your minds agony of disorganization. a very enjoyable read

Posted 6 Years Ago

I feel for you, when you wrote this. I was down there, they wanted to help me out. But I wanted to stay, then. And they thought I was insane. Sometimes, it's just so hard to go out and get lost. But sometimes, it's all worth the risk. And people just can't stay with their own business.

You're right. Say you're ok, instead of "Get lost."
Thank you,

Posted 6 Years Ago

This poem is truly amazing. I love the way you worded the stanza in the top left. This whole poem shows perfectly how frustrating it can be sometimes not to have someone there for you when you need it, but also how annoying it can be to have people think they know how to help you. Again, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I still can't figure out how you rhyme so well! Anywhale, such an amazing poem. Keep up the good work Kenz :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

♪The Girl Next Door♪

6 Years Ago

thank you (:
aisling virginia

6 Years Ago

welcome :)
One word: Wow! Love this poem! it´s so great, really captures your frustration and depth and also you have an amazing writingstyle. I really liked it! I think many people will be able to relate to this, your really good!

Posted 6 Years Ago

This poem speaks volumes, really deep and emotional.
Your writing is amazing

Posted 6 Years Ago

♪The Girl Next Door♪

6 Years Ago

thanks sista ;)

6 Years Ago

welcome girlie ;)
like it though, maybe that's cause I feel that way myself quite often.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

indeed. you sound depressed, everything ok?
♪The Girl Next Door♪

6 Years Ago

I'm perfectly fine :)

6 Years Ago

oh ok then :)
very, very well written.
I loved it

Posted 6 Years Ago

♪The Girl Next Door♪

6 Years Ago

thank you :)

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♪The Girl Next Door♪
♪The Girl Next Door♪

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