A demon seal broken(Begining)

A demon seal broken(Begining)

A Story by lil-man-cursez

A boy named Austin gets a demon sealed inside him so he decides to run away from home because he is being treated differently. while he is running he is being chased by a killer group and search party

"What should we do with the demon my lord" a soft voice said
"I'll think about it" another voice replied
"Well we have to hurry or it will kill us all!"
"OK. go tell the others to seal the demon inside the youngest child born"
"But king"
"Do as I say or else!"
the kings guards of defensive ninja's went out to find the youngest child while others captured the demon Minakal.The demon was placed inside the youngest child and they named him Austin which in their language means the son of the demon. While growing up Austin became well known throughout his village as the lonely evil child. He didn't have friends or people who loved him a lot only himself. Not even his mother would be to close to him because she was scared that the demon that killed so many people was in her son. One day Austin decided to leave his village. He left a note on the dining table saying that he is going away and is not returning. So when everyone in the village was asleep he quickly gathered his things and left but on his way he heard someone waking up so he started to run. A man came outside and shouted who's there but Austin kept running. The man woke up the whole village and the king told everyone to search their houses to see who left and Austin's mom saw the note on the table and went to tell the king. The king set up a search party with the best ninja's they have to find him. The king was scared...He didn't want the demon to be free. While running he felt a pounding on his heart it was so bad that he fell fainting on the floor. When he woke up he saw a girls face.
"Oh good you're awakening" said the girl
"Who are you?"said Austin
"My name is Alisa. What's your name?"
"My name is Austin"
"What were you doing in the middle of the jungle. Don't you know you can get killed"
"No , No i didn't know"
"So what were you doing anyways"
"I was running away "
"I just had to"
So Austin and Alisa were talking to get to know each other when Austin said"I have to go now"
Alisa asked"Where are you going"
"Some where I'm going to find a better home where i am appreciated"
"Can i come with you i do nothing here anyways i want some freedom to adventure off to an unknown village"
After thinking about it Austin said"OK you can come"
Alisa jumped in joy that she was going to an adventure. Alisa packed up some food, water and first aid kits just in case they needed it. Austin and Alisa left north thinking they would end up in the peaceful village of Hakita but they were in the direction of Aikibu which is the most deadly village ever! The village killed so much especially the Ankui group which did most of the killing in the village. They were hated by everyone but they didn't care. They just wanted to take over the world with their devious plans which included Austin's demon in it.   

© 2011 lil-man-cursez

Author's Note

SO.. What do u think is it good or bad plz comment:)

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Added on May 18, 2011
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