A Poem by Kirstin

Although the words have left your lips
I know it to be true:
"We're just friends."
It's the way our fingers never brush 
when we pass each other cards
The way you catch me looking at you
The briefness of our hugs, the way you look
over at me when I laugh at your jokes.
You know. You have known.
And somehow my beauty has escaped him.
I tell myself that's okay.
He will never look at me the way I look at him. 
It doesn't feel okay.
My identity is not in him.
*I repeat to myself*
My identity is not in him.
My identity is not in him.
How does he not love me?
My identity is not in him.
It doesn't matter- I'm better off without him
*I lie*
I try desperately to forget the way he makes me laugh
Or the way I can listen to him talk for hours
How his face lights up
Oh! his beautiful, joyous face.
How can I forget the unforgettable?
I want to scream and ask him why
He's looking at other girls on his screen
Left                                            Right
Left   Right
How does he not know that i am  Right for him?
He does not love me.
And that's okay.
I am sad.
And that's okay. 

© 2016 Kirstin

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These sad feelings will eventually disappear in time - you're right! Your identity is not him and he can't make you happy - only you can make you happy - good luck :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on February 2, 2016
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A Poem by Kirstin

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