Draco Yule Ball Special

Draco Yule Ball Special

A Story by .:Naiira Harlow:.

Excerpt from my old Harry Potter Fanfiction


Hermione and I had spent hours getting ready for the ball.  I was going with Raven while Hermione was going with Vicktor Krum.

“Are we almost ready Herms?”  She was placing her in her pink flower earrings. 

“Yes, almost.”  She was wearing a floaty pink gown ruffled in different shades on the bottom.  Her hair had been slicked from its normal bushy state into an elegant bun with strands hanging about her face and neck which were curled loosely.  My hair was down and curled with a high spiky bun and blue sapphire pins decorating the outside.  Two loose strands laid down in front of my face and the hair left down was pulled back behind my ears, showing the slight points of my ears.  I was wearing a simple off the shoulder cerulean colored silk gown with slits up both legs to just above my knee.  The back reached down to just above my butt and the off shoulder straps criss-crossed over my upper back.  It hugged my curves showing off my ample bosom and beautiful neckline.  I had given Hermione a pink necklace to match her earrings and she had given me a pair of tear drop aquamarine dangling earrings.  I wore a blue opal necklace that had once been my mothers.  It had beautiful silver leaves surrounding it.

“Done, let’s go before we get too late.”  I followed her out of the girl’s dorms and out of the portrait hole.

“You look enchanting ladies.”  The fat lady mused as we passed.  My eyes glimmered in happiness as we continued down the winding staircase to the great hall.  Hermione looked more nervous every step of the way.

“Don’t worry Herms, you look beautiful.”  My voice seemed to calm her a bit as we continued our walk.  We rounded the corner and saw many students gathered outside the great hall meeting their dates.  I smiled when I spotted Harry among the throng.

“Harry!”  I ran down the stairs and caught him in a hug.  His date, Pavarti Patil, looked extremely happy to be with a champion.  I pulled away and motioned Hermione to follow.  She sighed and walked down the steps gracefully.

“She looks beautiful!”  Pavarti mumbled, astonished.  Harry was looking longingly towards Cho Chang and heard nothing of the conversation.

“Calm Harry, maybe you can ask her for a dance.”  I whispered in his ear.  He gulped as his face turned a light shade of pink.  Cho was dress in a lavender silk gown with Chinese embroidery of cherry blossoms around it.  It was quite beautiful and I made a mental note to compliment her later. 


“My ravishing little Vixen, I have been looking everywhere for you.”  I grinned and turned to find a very happy looking Raven.  Hermione had disappeared into the crowd with Vickor Krum.  I hugged Raven and he chuckled.  His shaggy black hair hung in front of his dark gray eyes.  The ever prominent silver tips of his hair glimmered in the candle light.  He was wearing a pair of usual black dress robes with a blue bow tie which we had agreed on to match my dress.

“You look wonderful yourself Raven.  How come you never told me you cleaned up so good?”  I giggled and he flicked his hair, making some of the nearby girls swoon.  Raven was a Slytherin alright, but a decent one even if he gave off the playboy vibe.

“Now Vixen, you know that I am going to be the envy of all the men in there with you on my arm.”  He grinned and I laughed, lacing my arm with his.

“Good luck Harry.”  I kissed both of his cheeks and smiled before entering the great hall with Raven.  The usual bewitched ceiling was snowing beautiful white flakes that landed on the now white marble floor and disappeared.  The long tables had vanished and a few white covered tables were pushed against the wall loaded with snacks and each one had a glass swan fountain with a pink colored punch.  Silver heart and snowflake shaped balloons stood in many corners shooting off silver bubbles that popped silently and glimmered like fireworks.  Outside bushes with faires and floating lights led a pathway to a fountain with candles floating on the surface, not going out, but burning bright orange streaks across the stone.


“Wow, they really outdid themselves.”  I glanced at the usual huge Christmas tree over in the corner with many silver and gold ornaments.

“Yep, I rather like it, lots of silver.”  He grinned and I shook my head.  Raven loved the color silver, that was why he kept his tips that way.  We took a seat at one of the round tables against the back of the hall.  I saw a few familiar faces, but not Ron which was surprising.

“Nala!”  Neville was calling us over.  He didn’t look half bad in his dress robes.  Ginny stood next to him in a rather strange looking dress of candy pink and spearmint green.  It looked more like a little girls dress.  Neville walked up to us when we didn’t move and smiled.

“You’ll save me a dance right Nala?  I’ve been practicing a lot!”  He spun around to show what he meant. 

“Of course Neville, alright Ginny?”  She stepped forward and blushed.

“I would be if it weren’t for this dress.  Mum picked it out for me.”  She grimaced as she pulled up the slight fluff of spearmint colored fabric.

“It could be worse Gin, you could have Ron’s ruffles.”  We both giggled.  Ron had received the most hideous pair of dress robes poor guy.  They were covered in ruffles and were stained a rather strange brown color.


The precession music came on and we all stood to watch the champions walk in.  I spotted Ron up front with Padma Patil as the champions came into the hall.  He didn’t look pleased that Hermione was with Krum.  Maybe if he had moved faster this wouldn’t be an issue.  A rather quick waltz began to play and I watched the champions spin around.

“Let’s get out there eh?”  Raven held out his hand which I took.  We excused ourselves from Ginny and Neville before joining the now escalating crowd of couples.  Raven was quite a good dancer, which made it easier for me to show off my own skills.


“Quite the dancer are we?”  He grinned as he spun me around again.

“Yes, I love the feeling.”  I giggled as he picked me up by the waist before placing us back into waltz position.  I could have sworn I felt eyes on us, but as I looked around I saw there weren’t just one pair staring, but most everyone!

“Oi!  I know she’s gorgeous, but keep your eyes in your head.”  Raven snarled at some of the nearest people.  Most of them looked away and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Bravo, perhaps you should become my knight in shining armor Raven.  I daresay you have quite earned the title.”  He bowed his head for effect making me laugh even more.  The waltz ended and we bowed to one another.  A much quicker tune started up, smashing all of the students together.  Flitwick was even being passed by arms above the crowd.  We were all laughing and having a great time.  Hermione and Krum joined us as we started giggling together as we spun and twirled.  I found myself unable to wipe the smile off of my face.  It was almost too much fun!  It got to the point where I couldn’t  stand very well and we decided to take a break.  I spotted Harry and Ron sitting at a far table and asked Raven for some punch while I go tell them off for not dancing.  He snorted in laughter before disappearing towards the snack table.


“You two are such party poopers you realize?”  I sat carefully in a seat just in front of them.  Ron looked entirely pissed off by something while Harry just shrugged.

“Why don’t you two come dance with me, Raven, Hermione…”

“Hermione has Krum, why would she want us out there?”  Ron spat hatefully.  My smile dropped.

“Maybe you should sort out your feelings Ron, this back and forth is getting annoying.  What about you Harry?”  Ron had raised an eyebrow and looked at Harry.  He nodded slightly.

“Sure, if it’s with you it can’t be so bad.”  I grinned.  Raven came back with some fresh punch and handed me a glass.  It was really fizzy and pink lemonade flavored.  I downed the glass and pulled Harry with us back onto the floor.  I was looking around until I found the couple I was looking for.  I whispered what I was planning to Raven.  He grinned and walked off.

“Oi Neville!”  Neville’s head turned and he smiled when he saw me.  He and Ginny walked over to us.  Ginny was blushing slightly when she saw it was Harry that accompanied me and not Raven.

“How about that dance now Neville?  I’m sure Harry wouldn’t mind entertaining your date for a while.”  I grinned and Harry looked rather shocked.  I winked at him as Ginny stepped forward.  He took her into waltz position as another rather slow song came on.  Neville led me to another side of the room.  He was a rather good dancer for being so clumsy.  In fact, he didn’t step on my feet once!

“Oi Longbottom, you aren’t breaking her toes are you?  That won’t go well when you tell her you like her.”  The snarling voice of Draco Malfoy broke me out of my thoughts.  I frowned.  He had his hair loose and wore a green bow tie with this black dress robes.

“Shove off Malfoy, you are fogging up my air with your over inflated ego.”  I pushed Neville to another part of the floor.  Malfoy and his rather astonished date followed.  She was an extremely skinny girl with some chest and long dirty blond hair.  I knew her sadly.

“Cindy, how are you?”  She scowled and turned her nose up at me.  That girl really didn’t like me, she was a Slytherin after all.

“Well Longbottom, get on with it, I want to see you get rejected.”  Malfoy smirked and Neville blushed like crazy.  He couldn’t seem to form words.  I glared at the blond male with complete dislike.


“Look here Malfoy, Neville’s life is none of your damn business so back off or I’ll make you.”  I hissed.  His smirk grew wider.  Anger was starting to cloud my senses from rational thought.  I wanted to punch Malfoy’s lights out right then and there.

“What are you going to do Harlow?  Sick one of your man w****s on me?”  That was it.  I pounced on him, punching every inch I could possibly get my hands on.  Neville was fighting to get me off of him.  No one seemed to notice that a rather docile girl was no wailing on the Slytherin Prince, that or they didn’t care. 

“Come on Nala!  He isn’t worth it!”  It was Hermione’s voice.  More hands started to pull me off of Malfoy and drag me back.  He groaned as Cindy stood over him looking worried.

“You killed him!”  She muttered stupidly.  I wiped my hands on the nearest table cloth and scoffed.

“He isn’t dead you stupid bimbo.  If you were paying attention he is still breathing.”  I glared as Malfoy got back up.  A black eye was forming and his lip looked swollen, it was bleeding.  He looked insanely pissed when he noticed this.

“Why you…you…”  He seemed too angry to form an insult.  He stared around and then smirked.

“Filthy little half-breed.”  My eyes widened.  He hadn’t just said that.  He and Harry were the only ones that knew.  My eyes started watering.  I didn’t mind my heritage, but using it as an insult was too much.

“Take it back Malfoy.”  Harry stepped in front of me.  Everyone else looked rather confused as to what was happening.  I shook my head and ran.  It was all I could think of doing.  The tears of weakness were beginning to trickled down my face.  I heard my name being called a few times, but I didn’t stop until I knew I was alone.  I had ended up on the fourth floor hallway.  The tears started to flow freely now.  Unlike a normal human, my tears were silver, metallic silver.  Part of the perks of being a half-breed nymph.  I sobbed, starting to feel my hair falling down around my shoulders.  In anger I ripped the pins out and let my loosely curled hair fall down.  I felt so disgusted for getting angry, for getting so upset over that insult: Half-breed. 

What would my mother say if he were alive?  If only I could remember, even just a little bit.  I was vunerable, very much so.  I hated it, being like this. Harry even knew to leave me alone when I got like this.  A warm pressure became evident on my shoulder.  I lashed out, swinging my arm behind me, blinded by my tears.  I tripped to stand, hiccupping slightly with the sobs before trying to run again.  The person that touched me followed.  Whoever it was caught my wrist at some point.  Tears were still blinding my sight and I didn’t feel like being touched.  The person pulled me into their chest, it was a boy.  I beat and thrashed in his grip, but he pulled me tighter.  My tears flew in all directions, staining the floor with metallic silver.


“Shhhh, It’s okay.”  The voice was deep, husky, and filled with sorrow.  I finally stopped flailing and gripped the boys shirt, sobbing profusely.  Thinking of my mother, of her memory becoming an insult, it made me weep even harder.  This was what bothered me most, I realized.  It wasn’t that Malfoy had insulted me, but my mother.  I wiped my eyes and met stormy gray eyes that shone with tears of his own.

“R-Raven.”  I whispered.  He nodded and pressed my head to his chest, stroking my hair lightly in comfort.  I was gripping his robes rather tightly so I relaxed a little in his grip.  Malfoy had been Draco to me so long ago.  How could he have become so heartless?


He had done it this time.  Draco watched her practically sprint from the hall.  There were whispers and the whole dance seemed to have stopped when really, everything was still moving.  A vice like grip seemed to squeeze Draco’s heart, it felt like it was being ripped apart.  What was happening?  She was the enemy now right.  Another pang of pain shot through his chest as the Slytherin traitor, Raven Croft, ran after her.  There was a dull ache forming in his chest as he felt his face.  It was swollen in a few places, but he knew he deserved it.  He had avoided her for so long that when he had seen her with Neville, something snapped. 

“Maybe you should watch your tongue from now on Malfoy, or I’ll cut it out.”  Harry snorted as he exited the hall followed by Hermione and Ron.

If he hadn’t lost her before, he certainly had now.

© 2011 .:Naiira Harlow:.

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.:Naiira Harlow:.
.:Naiira Harlow:.


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