Loony Lady Love

Loony Lady Love

A Poem by kris reed

A quirky love poem using most of the L-words I know (Oct. 2013)


Loony Lady Love


Lady Love

Libby Lucinda

Longing to Live with ya

Not Lecherous, Libidinous, Lusty or Lewd?

But a Lachrymose Longing without you


Lately while Lying in my head all alone

Lit acrost my mind, the words to this poem

Your Lips whisper in Liberal Laconic moans

And Lead me to believe I belong in your home


That Latitude and Longitude are all that keep us apart

In Lieu of feelings Leaping in my heart

But am I Lying in this Latter dream of Lingering touch

Because in my heart and my words, I may Love you too much


But here a Lexicon of Ludicrous Litany, to Listen and Lark to Leisurely

As I Lathe Loquacious Lyddite Laic Lorikeet cheerily

Now Let’s Leer at this Lunatic Lummox from yurt Lane

He’s Lathered and Lubricated in Leal Lamented pain


We’ll Look through the Lens of Lugubrious Lyre Lair

In hopes I’m not a Louse on your Long Linen hair  

Or a Lump of Livid Lubber Leprosy

Or a Leech of Loitering Ligature from Synecdoche


But a Lambrequin to your beauty

A Laureate to your head so cutesy

A Lavish Lapel on your shoulder

A Linchpin that makes you boulder


A Lanyard around your Lithe Lank frame,

Of Lyrics and refrain

Let these words be a Legate of my feelings

And have them stash your heart with Leavenings


Get Lacquered, get plastered

On Liquor and Laughter

Get Loony, get Lorry

To these Lactating Landscapes of glory


We’ll Lug our Loot to Lunate peaks

And sun our bare Lumped cheeks

Lay out on the Links under Linden Leaves

And Line fingers down Licentious sleeves


Get Lucky or get Lonely, but you must frock

As you Lounge in a Lush Lotus Loch

Get Lost in this Lifelong Luxuriant tithe

As I Labor through your Labyrinth of myth


Limber Luscious Legs Lapped in Leather

Take off your Laundry, can’t you see the weather?

Lotion your Limbs in Lavender Lake

Feel your Levity and Liniment Loins rake


There’ll be a Luminary dinner with Lava Lamps,

Lighthearted Logic and Lumbago dance

Latex covered Lackeys will joust to our trounces

With Lone Limp Lances and Lethargic pounces


I’ll pack a picnic of Lettuce and Lime

We’ll have Lobster cooked with Lemon and thyme

I’ll Lay out a Locket of Lilac and Lilies

And an appetizer of Lemming Llama chili!


There’ll be Liver and Leeks rammed

In a Lengthy Loaf of Latticed Lamb

Then I’ll Ladle you a Load of Limpets and Locusts

Liz, we’ll drizzle it with Linseed, now please can’t you focus


We’ll invite Larcenist Leprechaun Liars and Lesser Lizard Louts,

And there’ll be Loud Lariat Lions with Luring snouts

We’ll be Lauded by Lurid Linguist Latin Lemurs

And Lifted with the Leviathan’s Lantern Lore streamers


Lancet Lobed Gypsies will Lull us in trances

To Lose our mind on Lint tied romances

We’ll Lacerate the Lid of Laudanum

And Loom through the Linteled Library Loft of autumn


We’ll have Lentils and Licorice for desert

And rush to the Loo when it hurts

We’ll spend the evening fighting for the Lavatory

Take this Life trip and you won’t end up sorry?


We’ll wash in Limpid Liquids while stretched out on the Loam

And screech with Loud Lusty Larynx moans

Then we’ll Lick each other’s Lice, Like Lard Lipped belching mice

Grow Large, take charge, with the grip of a vice


With the Lingering Look of your perfect Left eye

We’ll ride home in a Leaky Landau sty

Then Lurk past the Loathsome Landlady

And slip between Light Linen sheets so shady


Lace my heart, Lash my fears, Lasso your arms around me

I’m making this Lame Launch and Libel Leap to astound thee,

Even though you’re Lightning and out of my League

I Labial my Lungs and Lent you this Lorn Lightened Limerick plead


I hope to Lucre from you a Legacy and Larder

By Linking a Linear Latchet Looped Ledger farther

And Locating a Label to your Longevity Ley

Show you your mother Lode Littered amongst my play


Lo! Remove your Lax Lock and Lightly step to my Local brand

I’m Loath to Loan out my Leash to another hand

Least I should Learn of your Latent Latched grasp

And have to Levy and Lien my heart to a Listless Lapse


Last Line, Last Leer, Last Little Lisped Lounge

LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLove you deer, but the wait is Lasting so LLLLLLLong

Lie and Lay, but not in my ears

These L-words I List for you,

But Love is all I want you to hear



© 2013 kris reed

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Haha! What fun this was to read! I bet it was a lot of fun to write, too. I think my favorite lines are "As I Lathe Loquacious Lyddite Laic Lorikeet cheerily" and "Lace my heart, Lash my fears, Lasso your arms around me." I'd love to challenge someone to do a live reading of this one. I know my tongue was stumbling all over my mouth trying. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

kris reed

7 Years Ago

Thanks for reading. I did quite enjoy writing it and have thought that I would like to do a live rea.. read more

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