Hopes And Dreams

Hopes And Dreams

A Poem by ktim

I'm just a man, I'm not meant for the sky.
Birds and their wings can bring our dreams oh so high.
But it all come's down in their end forever nye.
A wise man once said " Don't give your dreams the ability to fly".

I didn't listen, so now I cry.
Now that i look back, I see my mistakes.
My dreams clouded my judgement to that which was in front of my face.
It was a lesson to learn, and a hard one at that.
It took me apart, but also helped me in fact.

Now i see, Hopes and Dreams are not part of reality.
People take them and cut them in two.
They watch you suffer, well huffing their glue.
Taking pleasure in the plain they caused in you.
Broken Dreams feed this world our God has abandoned us to.
For He didn't care either, Did you really expect him to?

The pain we have created, Don't forget the suffering too.
It's inflicted upon everyone even me and you.
He watched his creation he loved tear into each other without a second look or tune.
He watched is world of beauty become torn by war and turmoil with no hope on stopping us or finding harmony to bring us back to. 

So now He's gone, abandoned us to a world where dreams mean nothing an will never come true.
Our hopes are false advertisements so what do we do?
I say we Live our lives like we normally do.
Forget everything i just said, so you don't suffer too.
Knowing the truth of our world is my curse not your gift.
So i encourage you to go back to your ignorant way's.
Build up your walls of hopes and dreams, shrouded by clouds so you cannot see your own frailty.
Forget people mean you harm and pray to a God who abandoned this world to you.
Stay happy above all else.

Keep the illusion it's ok.
Keep the illusion the world is safe.
Keep the illusion of your dreams.
Keep your fake reality.

BUT I know the Truth.
But don't worry i will keep it from you.

© 2019 ktim

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Added on April 13, 2019
Last Updated on April 13, 2019
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