a day that ruined it all...

a day that ruined it all...

A Story by alma tatiana

its about one day that my best friend bf or almose bf started 2 like me and evrybody blamed it on me and well i got mad and because of one day that i did almost nothing ecept talk.with somebody...may have caused that one of my best friends and me broke up


Well, where do i start.Um...lets see. Okay i got it. It all started when mariana one of my best friends invited me 2 the movies with another one of mybest friends Diana. i wasn't suppose to go because i had to practice my dances you see it was summer and i was in a dance camp(It was awsome!!!). And at the end of the camp we had a show to do in El Teatro de Bellas Artes en Guaynabo.Its this big place where a lot of show are. And some people dream to go and dance on that stage and have that rush of proforming.But anyways i convinced my mom to let me go and since shes awsome she did.So i went and i was waering a realy preety white skirt, a black shirt and high heels.At the movies i met up with my friend Diana and Mariana and they were with ricardo and mariana's bf or jevo khalil. So we went and baught our tickets well actualy me evrybody had bought them already so mariana and diana went with me to buy it.So after that we met up with ricardo and khalil (i now thats a wierd name). So ricardo and khalil were talking with valeria and zoey (somefriends). And then diana and me were bored so we went to wet seal(this awsome store).and left mariana with khalil and ricardo she got mad at us but oh well...so we took so pics witht mariana's camara and then we called her to see if she was mad.And she said that she was but also that she had said Hi to diego.(diego is this guy that i use to like..well still do a little.i dont think he knows and if he does he doesnt care he has a girlfriend and there happy together).so me and diana went up to mariana super fast cause i wanted to see him duh!!!so anyways i went and said hi to diegoa nd juanjo a friend of his.then we were bored so we went to gap to take pictures!!. so we did and mariana was being what she calls sneaky.she was taking pics of khalil and ricardo with out them knowing.any ways this story is geting too long so im just gonna finish it with out much detail.mariana's bf khalil told his cousin ricardo that he was planning on cheating on mariana with me and ricardo told mariana that and that it was because he though i was hot.So he left or she left him im not sure but the point is they broke up.And mariana was heart broken well at leats thats what she told me in a text messge.Anyways the next day i talked to mariana to see how she was doing and she said she was going to be fine but i now her so i knew she needed some time to feel great again.But were was i...um o yeah so the day after that day i talked to analia a friend that moved to mexico that same summer and she said it was because of my flirting i got so mad at her she wasnt even there. and like she said that i dont flirt on purpose that i just do it.but i dont i only flirt when im intrusted in someone luike every body else.so i was mad and then i told diego that i felt bad about the whole thing and he said 'yeah good one' so i was mad at him to then the next day i talk to analia again and she told me to never go to the movies with mariana and a guy that she likes so i got mad andshe was like well u do flirt on purpose. and then i said it wasnt my fault that they broke up cause i realy didnt do anything exept talk to the guy and go to the movies.and then i got realy mad and made a mistake and i said, "its not my fault marii didnt take care of her guy" i said this out of anger analia said "chika mariis shy" then i said "that doesnt have to do with annything" then she kept on saying that and i kept on saying that still doesnt have to do with anything. anyways then she said "alma chika no hables de mariana asi" i dont now why she said that because i realy didnt say anything..oh well somethings will allways be akward moments. so then on facebook that same day mariana wrote to me on facebook chat dont talk to me untill 2009 so i was left confused until i realized analia must have told her something bad or made up something and told mariana that i said that cause you see sometimes analia ( if she reads this shes gona realy mad but it the truth).analia can exagerate a little or a lot ity all depends on her mood and before all of that when we were talking she said do u think u have a chance with khalil and obiosly i said ew. and she said good cause u dont...and im leaving a couple of things out but who cares well exept mabe you guys..jajaja...but marianas mad at me dont now why dianas i dont now if she mad at me khalil likes me..ew..his an a*s...but shhh...and so does ricardo his cousin...well lets see wat happens with all of this mess till then hope u liked it and if u didnt...well...to bad but thanx for reading!!!!

© 2008 alma tatiana

Author's Note

alma tatiana
plz ignore the spelling and just say what u trhink of it pz and thank u!!!!

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I thought it was a bit... rushed. It felt like you were gossiping or something. It was an ok story, it was your first try after all. It may look better if instead of ''u'' you put ''you''. just a tip, keep on writing, it was your first story!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on June 25, 2008


alma tatiana
alma tatiana

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