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The Dream: Part 1

The Dream: Part 1

A Story by Althelia Marie Caine

Fear coursed through my veins like boiling lava flowing over my body. I had no logical reason to feel fear at that moment. Although, walking through the forest in the middle of the night probably would have instilled fear in any normal human. I did not fear the forest, nor did I have any fear of the night that swayed through the thick, tall condensed wooden tower like beings. It was a normal, almost natural thing for me to wander the forest at night. It was usually calming for me.

What I was currently feeling, however, was a much different feeling than what I was used to that night. No...this was pure fear and from somewhere around me there was a menacing aura drifting through the trees. It was a warm night and I wore little but a white nightgown and a pair of delicate slippers and from the distance a thick fog crept through and suddenly the temperature dropped. I shivered at the sudden temperature change and stopped walking to glance around me.

There was nothing to be seen but fog and trees and the lush underbrush. Something was there and I knew it...I could feel it. I kept still and silent, listening for any form of life besides myself. wait...the silence gave way to a soft growl.

'Oh god...' I thought to myself, standing as still as humanly possible. Something was there.....and I knew that it was aware of my presence. The soft growl came again and the brush rustled about a hundred feet to my left. I glanced over to find a very large....larger than any that I had ever seen in books or I'm the wild, wolf step gracefully into view. My eyes widened at the large, beautiful creature and another shot of fear and terror ran through me. The wolf was massive and it had its pure silver eyes locked on me.

We both stood perfectly still watching eachother, feeling eachother out.

'Oh god...oh god...' my mind was reeling. I had no idea what to do. Could I escape without it getting to me? Could I outrun the massive creature? 'No...' I decided....I couldn't outrun it...but I could try if the chance revealed itself. For now, I just stood there not willing to move.
The beast lowered it's large white head just a tad and let loose a much louder, fierce snarl that had me jumping, starled. There was a ringing in my head and it felt like a static wave shook my mind.

'Run, girl.' A smooth, almost silky voice rolled through my mind. ' Run, girl' The voice said again but this was more of a silky snarl. I didn't second question and turned in a split second made a run for it. I hadn't given my body permission to move, it had moved on its own driven by the realization that if I was caught, a fate worse than death would await me.

© 2017 Althelia Marie Caine

Author's Note

Althelia Marie Caine
This is part one of The Dream. I wrote this part before work. I will finish the second half after I get home from work.

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Added on January 30, 2017
Last Updated on January 30, 2017


Althelia Marie Caine
Althelia Marie Caine

Bend, OR

My name is Layla. I have of love of writing and literature but to be perfectly honest? I'm not very good with words and I have a hard time putting them together to form poetry or a story. And I'm okay.. more..