How to Go About Research Paper Writing

How to Go About Research Paper Writing

A Story by Leo Holmes

Providing the right context is crucial to capturing your reader’s attention.

Providing the right context is crucial to capturing your reader’s attention. Consider introducing your paper’s scope and showing its relevance to other research or the journal/Special Issue you are writing for.

Identify your topic and research question, then create a thesis statement that clearly outlines what you hope to accomplish with the paper.


Research papers are academic assignments that require students to perform independent research, analyze and interpret data, and provide their own interpretation and argument. This writing process is challenging for most students, and the results depend on the effort put in and how well one understands the requirements of the assignment.

The first step is to read the assignment carefully, looking for any technical requirements like length and formatting (single vs double-spaced, indentations, etc). Once you have understood the writing prompt, choose your topic.

Then start researching your topic, gathering information and sources. When you have gathered enough material, write an outline that summarizes the main points of your paper. This will help you stay organized and keep track of all the facts. Then write an introduction that clearly states your thesis and purpose. Finally, write the body of your paper, which should consist of a literature review, methods employed, analysis, and results with discussion. Then conclude your paper with a concluding paragraph.


Once you have a clear idea of the topics for your research paper, the next step is to decide how you want to present these topics. It is important to consider your audience when making this decision; you should aim to present your ideas in a way that will be most understandable to readers.

The first part that should be written in your research paper is the introduction, which explains to your reader what your paper is all about. The research paper introduction should be interesting and engaging enough to make your reader want to read more.

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The body of your research paper should contain paragraphs that explain and develop the ideas set forth in your introductory paragraph and thesis statement. Each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence that focuses the paragraph on one specific point. The professional essay writing services on reddit helps readers to follow the argument in your research paper and gives them a sense of direction throughout your paper.

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