How to play Play CSGO like a pro--Here are 15 Tips

How to play Play CSGO like a pro--Here are 15 Tips

A Story by Tom Mundt

One of the most popular games in the world today is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, only a small number of its players can reach the highest levels. What is the reason for this? Players oft


One of the most popular games in the world today is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, only a small number of its players can reach the highest levels. What is the reason for this? Players often don't improve their in-game skills, because they don't have the know-how. 

Games are played to relax after a long workday or a stressful week at school. Everyone doesn't want to strain and sweat during the game or learn some difficult new tricks to beat their opponents. That's the difference between ordinary and professional players.  

To help you become a pro in CSGO, we've compiled 15 powerful tips.

  1. Enhance Controlling Skills 

Controls in the game let you play the game effectively. You have to master keyboarding skills. Practice using all keys like spacebar and other essential skills. Spacebar enables you to jump. Hence improve your spacebar speed with the spacebar test tool. Use the Click per seconds tool to increase your mouse clicks speed.  

  1. Take aim with your mind

Learn how to use the gun you're using. Spray patterns, rates of fire, and damage will all help you defeat your opponent in a duel. One accurate shot is better than spraying the whole clip and killing no one.

Before you buy any weapons, train with them first. Shoot at different distances and feel the power of all weapon types.

  1. Changing tactics and positioning between rounds

Enemies become accustomed to your position and know what to expect from you in the future. Make tactical and positioning changes. Your enemies can be confused even if you simply shift your exit point or spot slightly. 

Choosing the right position gives you an advantage over your opponent. Take advantage of the structures on the map and reduce your opponent's viewing angle to easily defeat your opponent.

  1. Study all map points

Any map should be thoroughly studied before you begin to play on it. In CSGO, knowing the maps makes a difference between a professional and a beginner. Professionals are aware of where their enemies may appear and know how to move around in any situation. 

Having a good understanding of maps will also increase your efficiency and speed when communicating with your teammates. 

  1. Grenades are more dangerous than your primary weapon 

Statistics show that beginners rarely throw grenades, while mid-rank players throw a lot of grenades, but they often do so carelessly. Professionals also use grenades a lot, but they do so more effectively. 

A grenade can do more good than any other firearm. When the right smoke covers the right choke point or pass, it gives time to pick off the enemy or to stop the fastest rush. 

For each map and each position, there are a number of guides available. It will improve your CSGO skills if you learn how to spread out grenades on the maps.

  1. Mind your timings 

Different phases of time play cruel jokes on each side. Professional players use the time to their advantage. Combinations of terrorists rush to bomb sites as late as 20 seconds before the end of an attack. This can be done effectively by stretching their opponents out and impersonating multiple sites to deceive them.

During these 20 seconds, it is vital to kill 1-2 CT players while having time to plant the bomb. Remember to account for the time it takes to plant the bomb when making these dangerous timings work.  

During the time before the bomb is planted, the CT team has the upper hand, but after it is planted, they only have 40 seconds to defuse it. 

In such a situation, it is imperative to have at least 1-2 defuse kits per team. Practice has shown that a five-second difference gives a huge advantage.

  1. Dive with a flashbang

It is always dangerous to enter a new position. Plants provide players with an advantage in terms of positioning and readiness to meet attackers.

The flash grenade can change the situation in an instant. Never go into a vulnerable position without a flashbang. You can throw it yourself or ask a teammate for help.

A player of higher rank than silver will have time to turn away from a thrown grenade unless it is a pop flash properly timed. Nevertheless, the cover will still give valuable time to enter or exit a point of interest.

  1. Focus on Sound

Your success in CSGO depends greatly on your ability to listen to in-game sounds. With this game, you can fully navigate by sounds and in doing so better understand your opponents' movements.


Be aware that your enemies can also hear you, and you can manipulate them by making certain sounds. Make yourself heard in a place where people can hear you and leave in silence.

  1. Keep an eye on the radar

Professional players pay close attention to the radar more than ordinary players. Minimaps and sounds are important CSGO game mechanics. 

By using the radar, you can see where your teammates are and which areas are still open to the enemy. You will see your opponents' activities on the minimap if their activities become visible to your teammates. 

Even if none of your teammates provide you with accurate information, you can sometimes feel how the game situation is on the minimap. 

Use the minimap effectively.

  1. Think about the economy

CSGO can cause significant problems if you spend carelessly. While some people buy in full, their teammates only have 2,000 dollars to spare. Never ignore the money you have, your teammates' money, or the money of your enemies.

If you win a series of five or more rounds, your opponents will receive additional bonus money for each subsequent round, even if they lose. You must give up one round and win the next to knock down their economy. Their economy will be ruined for the next two or three rounds. 

Despite losing a pistol round, aggressive enemies can still play into your hands. With accurate shots from a Desert Eagle, they can easily kill you after you have fully purchased. 

In the next round, terrorists will make good money from the planted bomb. Both sides should always keep this in mind. 

It is advisable to make a forced purchase if you have 2,500 dollars or more. Guns or pistols are purchased, armor is purchased, and grenades are partially purchased. With a force buy, remaining funds can be used effectively, preventing excess money from being left over in the next round.

  1. If you can't see your enemy, don't rush to kill him

It's not always wise to kill your enemies right away. There are times when it's hard to contain yourself. In CSGO, self-control always leads to better results. 

Don't kill your enemy if you walked into his back or if he passed you by without noticing you. He won't disclose your location to his allies, so they won't expect to find you there. Two or three enemies can be killed covertly with this method.

  1. Make use of a boost

On most maps, there are places that are impossible to reach on your own. Before you jump on your teammate's back, you should put your feet on his or her knees. Boosts are places like this. It gives the effect of a surprise over the enemy, and sometimes gives a better view in some areas of the map.

Using too much of them will only make your enemies aware of what boosts you're using.

  1. Make sure you shoot through the right walls and boxes

You can shoot through weak areas in walls, doors, and wooden boxes in CSGO. You can damage enemies from out of sight if you know where to shoot.

Play the map you're playing and learn where to shoot. It's sometimes fun to shoot walls, boxes, and doors. Don't kill them too often, because your enemies will get used to this and you will not be able to catch them.

  1. Get in touch with your teammates

CSGO is not a game about killing enemies, it is about communicating with other players. The teamwork of the whole team wins the match, not just one player. 

Your teamwork will be more effective if you interact with your teammates. Give as much information about your opponents as you can. Consider what is best for your team if you have an opinion on the subject.

Teamwork and cooperation are often the keys to success. 

  1. Make use of those beautiful skins

Skins won't increase your hit points or damage to your weapons. However, beautiful skin motivates you.

Nice cosmetics might even confuse enemies who look differently at players with beautiful skins.

  1. After victory and defeat, take a rest

In any competitive game, knowing your limits is essential. Whether you win or lose, your body and mind will still need rest. Take a short break after each game to let your brain and body recover from the stress. 

Taking a short walk outside is the best practice. You'll feel renewed and your body will be energized. Once you've rested for a while, you'll feel better when you return to the game. 

As you sleep, your body goes through many recovery processes that require time to be effective. Get as much sleep as you need to feel great the next day. 

Keep in mind that it's only a game.

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