All That She Is

All That She Is

A Story by Thomas Coll

A story about mother earth.


            All That She Is




            Mountainous plumes of clouds layered the western sky. The westerly flow of the afternoon sea breeze yet again stacking the afternoon showers just on shore, leaving the island’s air heated from the sun, and thick with moisture.  Lightning bound from one cloud to the next sending its brilliant colors though the thick grey plumes. One would think that only a poet’s words of rhyme, or a bard’s tale could bring to life this natural wonder.


            Less than three hundred yards off shore the Atlantic was calm this day, letting the afternoon sun glisten off its glass-like surface. The sun’s rays turned the water multitudes of colors; one just had to look from different angles to let the full spectrum fill their eyes with this beauty. A black skimmer finding an afternoon snack swooped down from the sky, letting its black tipped, brilliant orange beak gently break the water’s surface. This created a perfect “v” in the crystal seas. The pure white feathers across the bird’s chest spread out to its wings to fade into a grey that shifted into pure black at its wing tips. The event added even more colors to nature’s pallet, painting the perfect picture that you might only see once in a lifetime.


            You can ride the currents of these gentle seas, rocking back and forth like a child in its mother’s arms. You can listen to the nearby surf rhythmically pounding its heartbeat along the coastal sands. Is this invariable pulse, earth’s heartbeat? Could this be mother earth’s life force, with every wave that comes ashore turning the crystal white sands, brilliant shades of pink in the summer sun. Watch how the oceans waves caress the sandy beaches. The water packed sand is visible half way up the beach, hinting that the tide is out. The moon circling the earth creates the tides, taking the water out and slowly bringing it back like a long drawn out breath. She only needs two breaths a day to keep her alive. Smell the salty air, feel the heat on your skin, mother earth is close to you here, if you listen you might just hear her talk. What does she say?  Does she cry on your shoulder about what human kind is doing to our planet? Does she thank you for listening to her? I think I would just like to thank her for being who she is. I think I would thank her for everything that she is. She is our home. She is our food we eat; she is the air we breathe, the water that we drink. She is the waterfall at the end of a mountain trail. She is the wind that makes the wheat field seem to dance in late summer. She is the cool rain when you need a day inside, to spend with your family. She is that first snowflake of the year that lands on the tip of your nose. 

© 2010 Thomas Coll

Author's Note

Thomas Coll
This work is not yet finished. I would love some feedback. Please feel free to say what ever comes to mind. Constructive criticism is more than welcome. Thank you all for reading.

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Added on September 25, 2010
Last Updated on September 25, 2010
Tags: Beach, Mother earth, heartbeat, ocean, clouds, lightning


Thomas Coll
Thomas Coll

Cocoa Beach, FL

I love the outdoors, be it at the beach or on a mountain trail. I started writing not to long ago. My first work is a book about an assassin that becomes a vampire. Hopefuly soon i will upload the fir.. more..

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