Bury Me

Bury Me

A Poem by Alexis Raine

Stop, think and listen.


everything I didn't want

nothing I truly asked for
I need to go on a soul search,

embrace the wilderness and rain like a lost lover

and live

because if you're lucky you'll only be in that moment of time once.

kiss me with your wisdom.

empty my mind of the proverbial behavior that I'll never take to, and

make me


what I once was,

a free thinker.

pull me away from the blanket of my love stories

sink your claws into the earth


until you find the rich damp soil that connects all of us that have ever been

or ever will be.


nothing is new and nothing is old; we cannot create or destroy but we must uncover and recover, lest our minds die one day and we lose the beauty that is the open,

the wild

the free of human thought.

should we forget to be gods I pray you will uncover your dusty memories once again

© 2010 Alexis Raine

Author's Note

Alexis Raine
I was very frustrated with the state of the modern human's mind one day, which lead to the birth of this in a violent flurry of word vomit.

I rather like it though, though I'm playing with different formatting for effect.

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The soil metaphor has me thinking of something I wrote about the mind being like a garden, where all sorts of ideas can grow (unintended or intended). Fertile and ready to produce all these wonderful things, but so universal and ignored.

Posted 11 Years Ago

word vomit is the only way I know how to write poems, it seems to work for you too.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I love this--the ending/ footnote almost? is amazing, and gives a new spin to the entire piece.
"empty my mind of the proverbial behavior that I'll never take to, and
make me
what I once was"
^pure brilliance

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on May 25, 2010
Last Updated on June 9, 2010
Tags: philosophical, literary, nature, think, existentialism, idealist, transcendentalism


Alexis Raine
Alexis Raine

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