The Ghosts of His Girlfriends Past

The Ghosts of His Girlfriends Past

A Poem by TheTattooedPoet

The ghosts of his girlfriends past haunt me.

They toy with me by staying dormant until the moment he starts to believe in me…

Then they POUNCE!

Throwing blows of doubt into his mind.

Changing his vision to where he no longer sees MY face when he looks at me,

He sees theirs...

They make him remember what they did to him.

Make him believe I’m one of them.

I’m no longer the sweet, honest, caring girl he fell in love with.

These powerful beings have morphed me into a lying, cheating, heartless woman.

How do I get back to being “me” in his eyes?

How do I defeat the ghosts and win the war in his head?

How do I write a happy ending to this story that started out like a fairytale…

Now that it’s slowly turned into a Stephen King short?

I’m starting to think this might be one of those stories meant to end abruptly and make the reader think…

“Did he forgive her?”

“Did she defeat the ghosts? Or did they bury him so deep in doubt that he’ll never, again, see the real her?”

Guess I’ll have to wait around and see if there’s a sequel…

© 2011 TheTattooedPoet

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Jim, completely worth the burden. thank you for the incredibly kind words. thanks to everyone.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This was really honest and heartfelt. The emotion I felt while reading it seemed to be the emotion you must have been feeling as you wrote it. That ability to transfer to your reader is a true talent.

Everyone carries baggage into relationships. Sometimes their baggage weighs us down more than we deserve. Then, the only question is, is it worth the burden? Only one person can answer that.

Posted 10 Years Ago

The experiences of life can be a rollercoaster of many emotions, this is brilliantly told, I like the prose/free form feel to it, passionate and honest :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Ah, the jealous paranoia associated with giving your love unconditionally to someone...You described it well! It is a very universal feeling of doubt/fear. Terrific write!

Posted 10 Years Ago

I would have loved to see this written in neat stanzas.
A powerful write and truly poignant....

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Jacksonville, FL

I write because my pen knows me better than i know myself... im a mother of two (12 yr old boy with ADHD and a 10yr old girl) so if you dont like kids, you probably wont like me... else you wanna.. more..