red and white and beauty

red and white and beauty

A Poem by lily pennvellyn

I couldn't do it anymore, this life was tearing me apart

I ran, I ran. I tried my best, and he hurt me.

I think it left scars after what he did.

why would he do that?

I shouldn't have done what I did, but why did he do what he did?

and deep, red blood

now covering my body

it hurt so much, yet not as much as reality

the colour was so very beautiful

I was becoming drowsy, I could fall asleep

I then heard shouting and people rushing

someone punished him and stood over me

he told me to keep my eyes open and I saw it

the deep, red against the sheet white skin that is my own

I understood fairytales and nursery rhymes now, everything was real

I was still hurt

I still had an impossible duty

I was still hated

I would still try my very best

I would still fail

everything was so much more beautiful

it took me a near death experience just to see

red was a deep beautiful colour of blood

which I now see how to vampires it appeals

it was the colour of roses and blood drawn by thorns

white was also something of beauty

the colour of my sick, tired, pale skin

me in terrible health, more beautiful than anything

chalk white, clear, beautiful skin

the colour of snow and the children playing in it

together though

red and white

they compliment each other

in ways that amaze

so harsh, so beautiful, so... colourful

© 2014 lily pennvellyn

Author's Note

lily pennvellyn
the main character in the story was attacked, just to clear things up

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Added on October 24, 2014
Last Updated on October 24, 2014
Tags: blood, red, white, death