Warm Fantasties

Warm Fantasties

A Poem by allonsy_doctor

the girl was oblivious

to the world around her

the rest of us humans

were just a diminishing blur

she was warm in her blankets

the tv was blaring

outside the window

many were staring

her great angel wings

spread in the sheets

soon people began gathering

all around the streets

her wings wave to the people

flapping up and down

the angelic girl turns to the people

expressing a frown

why were they staring at her?

she had no clue

she hurriedly shut the windows

so the people wouldn't come through

outside people snapped pictures

laughed and gasped alike

little kids stopped to stare

dumbly parking their trike

she turned towards me anxiously

looking at my wings

more people outside gasped

at those beautiful, angelic things

"Why are they staring at us?"

she asked me with a frown

"Well," I replied.

"They are from the ground."

"They've never seen wings"

"Quite like yours or mine"

"This is quite a sighting"

"To them we are divine."

She locked all the windows

and all the doors too

as more people gathered

how to get in they had no clue

reporters showed up

and police men as well

they let their dogs out of their cages

but what was let loose was all hell

She turned to me again

her heart beating loudly

"We are celebrities!"

she exclaimed proudly

Then there was a flash

of warm, floresent light

and all the people were gone

so was the fight

I was in my room

to myself I would appease

that once again I was enduring

another of my Warm Fantasties

© 2009 allonsy_doctor

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I loved it. It flowed really smoothly, and after a while I didn't even mind that there was no punctuation throughout the entire poem. I think it's perfect just they way it is. Very well done.

Posted 11 Years Ago

That was a great poem. This is one of your best pieces, I think. It flowed really well, and it even rhymed! Could this be a story though? It might be better that way. . . . Anyway, great piece1

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on June 28, 2009




Ello. My name is Olivia, but I am most commonly called Liv. I have changed quite a bit since our last encounter, in which I was obsessed with Heroes and JP. Now I am totally and uncontrollably in l.. more..


A Chapter by allonsy_doctor

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