the dog show

the dog show

A Poem by livicote

just more frustration with the world. WHAT'S NEW? HA. HAHAHA. *cries* JK, I'm just being melodramatic. It's how I liiiiiiive (god I sound like a twelve year old girl in these descriptions sorry)

They say the world is getting smaller
like it's a good thing.
They forget that a small world means big people, 
and some people want to hide from
society's inescabable limelight every once in a while.
It's a neverending dog show
but with people
who all pretend they're perched at the judges' table
when, in reality,
there is no judge,
and they're just strutting around in circles like everybody else.
And then there are those who just want to go home-
have a treat,
take a walk...
but there's no relaxing 
when the nicely groomed folks have you convinced
that your future in the competition is what matters,
that life outside that shiny room
is dangerous, revolting, and morally perverted,
that if you're not happy, 
you're probably just a selfish, elitist rogue
who needs a good dose of fear.
There's no getting away,
being alone, 
or acting slightly out of line because-
well, damn, you antisocial or something?
Everyone's too big for the world
too big to hide
too big to breathe
too big to see
anything but each other
and they all try to look the same-
laughing at the same things,
sneering at the same people who laugh at the wrong things-
but when one warped mirror faces another 
with nothing but judgement and fear of judgement in between,
It's not pretty.
Sickening, actually.
I just want to get out of this disturbing house of mirrors
and maybe ride the Ferris wheel or eat a funnel cake.
The problem is that they all think they're right
and they judge and sneer until everyone else believes it.
They get a righteous rush from it, I guess,
makes 'em feel superior,
but sneering kind of gives me this 
weird double chin, so I try to avoid it...
my sneer is inside, at myself,
for staying.
Good dog.

© 2013 livicote

Author's Note

did I overdo the metaphors? and besides that, all critiques are welcome!

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Love what you put for the first line!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Nicely written...i think it's a new flash

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Well, I really meant more along the lines of how hard it is to be alone/ diverge from the "st.. read more

8 Years Ago

My pleasure;-')

8 Years Ago

My pleasure;-')
can't critisise it at all, we all know how selfish the world has become...And no-one knows anyone who wants to know them...the spiral can one go one way

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dr. Wood ?

8 Years Ago

No not at interpretations can be a little off beam...I always seem to get it wrong..MY stuf.. read more

8 Years Ago

I think sincerity is more important than depth anyway- some people try so hard to sound deep that th.. read more
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Fayetteville, GA

I am seventeen years old as of the time I am writing this About Me. I am very interested in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (I'm INTP,) philosophy (especially absurdism atm,) and select po.. more..

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