A Story by Lauren Burch

Originally written for my English II Pre-AP class written 3-5-2007


     Believe it or not, I am a creator and an orphan. I believe that I am the creator of my own life, but it is only because I feel like I am the creator of my own life, but it is only because I feel like people have abandoned me emotionally. If something bad happens to me, I find an oppurtunity to make my life's situation better, but I tend to do it alone. When I make friends,  I get attached to them and tend to feel like, "Hey! It's you and me against the world! Wanna bomb Russia with me?" My friends are very dear to me because I believe that A.) I made my friends myself and B.) I've got someone to back me up until I get betrayed. I am there for my friends unconditionally, through anything that comes our way. When something stupid happens, like my two best friends breaking up, it feels like it's my fault even though I know consciously it's not. I am THE NONCOMFORMIST of my family, and probably society as well. Because of my nonconformity, I tend to be left out, but 'tis all okay. I'm used to it.

© 2008 Lauren Burch

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Lauren Burch
I know, it sounds like a little 15-yr-old wrote it. :

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Added on March 24, 2008


Lauren Burch
Lauren Burch

Aubrey, TX

writing is a passion. must i say more? I LOVE: photography (each original photograph with each of my writings are my own.) modeling ( i love being a sculpture, even if I don't look like one. I am G.. more..

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A Story by Lauren Burch