The Prince of Dallas: A Determine Woman part 1

The Prince of Dallas: A Determine Woman part 1

A Story by Lonnie Paul Johnson

I had so much fun writing the Prince of Dallas that I pen a second story, this time he had the advantage over a troublemaker, but she wont go out without a fight.


The reporter stroll into the penthouse office in a high-rise structure with enormous window views of downtown Dallas. The suite is magnificent with huge paintings on the wall of attacking lions, charging tigers, striking snakes and snapping alligators.   The Prince with a proud smirk is sitting on a humongous ornate leather chair behind a dark rosewood desk with gold trim.


“May I ask a question before we start?” ask the reporter positioned at the desk with Smartphone in hand, the Prince nodded yes,  “Will the mark of the beast be a barcode, a computer chip device insert under the skin or credit card ID system?”


He look intently at the reporter chuckle his voice deepen with a high pitch scream, laughing tears roll down his cheeks, “Do you think I need mans little toys for my mark?”


“Well the mark of the beast is not here yet, but will come in the future to control everybody.”  Declared the reporter


“What you called the mark of the beast is already here, and I suggest that every person receive one, it’s very simple to get, if your first love is not on Him then…”


“You mean Jesus.”


“Ok if you must say His name, if your first love is not…Jesus,” the Prince pause rolled his eyes, “then you love me and you will get my mark.  If you love money, power, things or pleasures more than Him I will pounded a mark in your forehead.  If you love yourself, this world system, your gifts or talents and education more than Jesus,” he pauses again, “then I nail my mark in your hand showing that you are mines.”


The Prince stood up from his desk and promenade to a door at the far end of the office, “Now I want to show you something I’m very excited about, the demise of a troublemaker.”  He opens the door, which leads to a hospital room.  The reporter step in viewing an elderly woman in her late 70’s, lying in bed weak and feeble trying to relax but pain darts continue hitting her body making her moan.  “Here lies a great warrior, Annie!”


“I thought you did not like troublemakers.” 


“No I hate them all, but I do respect my enemies,” the Prince drawing closer to the bed, “I study them, looking for any weakness I can used to defeat them and I found Annie weakness.”


“What was it?” 


“You would think this illness is her weakness because this was the same disease blame for killing her mother and other women in her family, and I made sure that Annie knew this.  She tries to eat right, exercise and keep her weight under control and that delay it, but she always fear it in her heart and that kept it alive till now it has over taken her.”  The Prince grinning at Annie, her youngest daughter Kimberly and her 15-year-old grand son Jordan enter into the room timidly.  The Prince glare at them, “We have fought many battles over the years, but it looks like I’m going to win the last one,” he stroll along side of Kimberly. “Many of the battles was over them, her babies, her prayers has block me from fully doing what I really wanted to do to them.  When she dies they won’t be able to resist me.”


“Why can’t they be able to resist you?”


“Because I sent them the best colleges and taught them all of this world wisdom and values so in their heart they replace their mother teaching with the world and I control the world. “  Then he sniff Kimberly eyes closed enjoying the aroma smiling, “fear,” then he glance at Jordan frowning, “that one I need to destroy now because he is a troublemaker and he don’t even know it yet, hurry up and die Annie, so I can have them.”  The Prince laughs and dances around the room.


Kimberly touches her mother’s hand as her eyes opens, “Mom how do you feel?” 


“I’m blessed,” answered Annie, Kimberly seeing tense facial expression when the pain hit her body then she relaxes as it ease.


“No mom are you hurting?”


“Oh I’m ok it doesn’t hurt that much.” 


Kimberly worrying that her mother has been in pain all day pressing the call button for the nurse, Annie don’t want medicine because it make her drowsy and difficult to concentrate when praying.  Seeing Jordan standing at the edge of the bed, she reaches out for him to come closer to her.


“I think you are getting taller,” said Annie, “You know when you were born you was a preemie,” Jordan heard the story a million time, but he kept smiling at his grandma as she tell her story.  “Your mother was afraid you going to die, but I and the other women of the church prayed to God in a circle of Faith and the next day you started to gain weight and look at you now, God is good.” In telling that story, Annie realizes that she misses her TV program and she wants Jordan to change the channel to see if it showing on another station.


“What show I’m looking for?”  Ask Jordan


“Oh you know Brother Charles Faith Power show,” Jordan found the show on another station but it just ended showing commercial of Brother Charles itinerary, he turns up the volume of the TV.  The commercial played saying that Bro. Charles and the Power Faith team is meeting one night only in Dallas, Saturday tonight, a cold chill came over Annie because she thought the meeting was next week.  She desire to go to that revival because she knew in her heart if she does not make that service she will die.


“Kimberly, get my clothes,” Commanded Annie, raising the bed up so she can stand, “I got to go the meeting tonight.”  Kimberly concern and baffle at her mother preventing her from moving out of the bed.


“No mom, you are too sick to go anywhere.”  Order Kimberly raising her voice, they both argue back and forward, Annie trying to convince Kimberly that she need to go to Brother Charles meeting and Kimberly refusing to listen then a tremendous pain hit Annie like a punch to the body,  she fell back in bed.  “Are you ok?”  Ask Kimberly, Annie nodded yes they both were silent.


“You should listen to your daughter,” said the Prince resting along Annie in bed, “Stop…Give up…You are done, the Lord is not going to save you he has abandon you.”


Kimberly deeply stress left the room to find a doctor to check her mother, Annie desperate to go the meeting but not knowing how to get there notice Jordan sitting across the room staring at her.  She beckons Jordon come close to her.


“Jordan, I need to get to that meeting tonight, I know in my soul that I will be healed,” said Annie in a whisper.


“Mom doesn’t want you to go because you are too sick.”


“I know, but I need someone to take me, I want you to get my car keys out of my bag,” she stops shaking her head, “No that ok…”


“Grandma what you want me to do?”


“I can’t ask you to do this you’re just a baby, I can’t.”


“I will do whatever you want, tell me I will do.”  Touching her forearm, Annie peeks around him to make sure no one listening.


“Hold on to my keys when you get home sneak out the house and go get my car, drive it up here around six, that when it shift change, by the time they notice I’m gone we will be at Brother Charles meeting.”  Jordan nodded yes, “You will get in trouble and your mother is going to ground you for life.”


“That alright, because two weeks ago I was ground forever, Grandma is there an age when you stop getting spanking for doing wrong?” leering at him, Annie ponders the question.


“No, I need to take a stick to all of my kid now and they are in there’s 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, I sent them all to college and they all just got stupid, I should have kept my money.”


“I won’t go to college grandma.”


“You gotta to go, because your mother will kill me and beat you if you don’t go, but promise me you won’t let them take Jesus away from you in their.”


“Yes, grandma,” said Jordan, Kimberly enter into the room with the doctor.  An hour later Annie insists that she go home, take a nap, and come back in the evening.  Kimberly agreed and she left with Jordan, Annie smile then she calls for a nurse to help her get into her dress.  The young nurse refuses to help but Annie explain that she want to look cute before an old boyfriend come to see her and the nurse had compassion help her with her dress. 


“You should be ashamed of yourself,” said the Prince, “Bad grandma, having your grandson go behind his mother back take your car and drive without a license, breaking the law, so you can go to that meeting, Shame on you for encouraging juvenile delinquent behavior from him.”


“Prince should you be encouraging that type of behavior from young people?” ask the reporter.


“It all about the motive,” glaring at the reporter, “If that boy was going to sneak out and take Annie car to go see a girl, buy weed or pile his friend and drive recklessly that would have been awesome.  But that boy is not doing this for selfish reasons, he is doing it out of compassion and love for his grandma hopping to save her life, which is wrong, this world would be a mess if every young person acted like that boy.”


Kimberly and Jordan arrive home she settles on the couch tired from worrying and stressing about her mother drifted off to sleep.  Seeing his chance, Jordan, quietly slip out the house running toward grandma home five blocks away.  Arriving near he surveillance the area to see if anybody outside could see him entering into the garage, detecting nobody he press the garage door opener the door climb to revile grandma ride. 

© 2011 Lonnie Paul Johnson

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I really love the subject of your stories, and I salute you for writing about your faith in God. Just a few errors when it comes to grammar and spelling, but not severe. I'm off to the next part. :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Lonnie Paul Johnson
Lonnie Paul Johnson

fort Worth, TX

I loved writing stories, when I was young I wrote very simple and crude stories base off of TV shows and movies I seen at the time. An event happen when during that time I believe influence my writin.. more..