The Prince of Dallas: A Determine Woman part 3

The Prince of Dallas: A Determine Woman part 3

A Story by Lonnie Paul Johnson

The Prince is in his element inside the crowed hotel lobby while Annie, clinging to life and her grandson Jordan searches for Bro. Charles help in this spiritual showdown.


Arriving at the Dallas Hilton West, Jordan pulls the car to the main entrance of the building.  Her spirit is strong by singing the praise song but her body is still weak with enormous pain.  Annie held on to Jordan tightly as she took small laborious step to enter inside the hotel. 


The hotel lobby was ostentatious the ceiling reaches far above and in the middle hangs a fantastic sparkling crystal chandler hovering over a beautiful indoor garden.  In the middle of the garden a clear waterfall pool with plants and trees.  The lobby full of people going and coming, men, women and families.  There are couple walking together holding hands and some speaking on cell phones going to their destination.  Jordan and Annie taking one-step at time while people rush past them in all direction.   The Prince is celebrating and energize by the abundant natural energy of the people in the lobby, pointing to show the reporter certain people under his power.


“That man sitting alone with a beer has lost his family because of his addiction has over taken him now he tries to drown his depression in alcohol that so great!   The woman talking with her colleague has followed my plan for success for money and power her reward is a great emptiness, so wonderful!”  Then he behold a young thin woman sitting alone on a bench, she had a long blond wig and wearing a shoulderless tight black mini, her makeup thick and pronounced gazing into space with deep thought.  He sprints to her sliding on his knees observing her proudly.  “This one is special, my demon has been working on her mind for a whole season and now her resistant to me is over, now she will totally submit to her boyfriend demands.”


“What is that?”  Ask the reporter.


“Her boyfriend want to make big money so he convince her the only way they can do that is to let men pay to have their way with her body, she didn’t want to at first but the pressure of him, me and her mind condemning her has tear down the walls.  Soon after tonight I will have her depress hating her life, despising her boyfriend and loathe all men; I’m about to cry I’m so happy.”  The Prince watches Jordan and Annie pass by the bench looking for Brother Charles as the woman made eye contact with Annie.


“I don’t know if this was a good idea,” said Jordan, “there are so many people here.”


“Keep the Faith, God will, STOP,” Order Annie. “Turn around we need to go back.”


Jordan stops slowly twirl his grandma around, “Do you see him?” 


“No I need to see that half naked girl sitting on that bench,” Jordan cast his eyes on the young woman he was promptly attractive to her.


“Do you know her?” ask Jordan.


“No, but I need to go and talk with her,” she glance at Jordan, “You will learn this when you grow in the Lord to know when He talking to you, in my spirit I need to encourage that girl.”


The young woman seeing that Annie wanted to sit next to her slides over to make room.  Annie carefully sat down felt relieve because the walk from the car was very taxing, the young woman observing Annie looking weak and feeble.


“Are you alright?” She asks.


“Yes, I’m blessed,” said Annie seeing the young woman hazel eyes, “You’re pretty; you favor my oldest son’s daughter.”  Embarrasses by Annie the woman fiddle her hair and slightly touch her face, but she thanks her for the compliment.  “Oh that my grandson Jordan,” he wave his hand timidly, “My name is Annie, what yours?”


“Nice to meet you, I’m Jillian.”


“This may sound strange but when I saw you I felt compel to come back to you to give a Word.”  Jillian is curious.  “The only things I can say that God love you and no matter what happen in the past or in the future God will always love you.” Jillian did not know what to say, staring at Annie confuse and speechless, Annie reach over to touch Jillian hand.  “Baby, please remember that He loves you.”  Then a tear welled in Jillian eye she spring to her feet hands clutching a tiny handbag her heart was racing then her boyfriend appear next to her an older gray hair chubby man.


“Lets go to the bar we will meet them in a few seconds.”


“Hey I thought it was just one person… I don’t know.”  Her voice quivers.


“It’s OK it only two that mean twice as much money,” said the man, “Come on we need this.”  She agrees reluctantly walking toward the bar.


Jordan watching Jillian leaves he sat next to Annie perplex, “What…why did you do that Grandma?”


“When The Lord put something on your heart to do just do it,” said Annie as she reclines on the bench shutting her eyes feeling horrible, “No matter if it looks or feel silly because He’s working on something.”  Her eyes open to scan the crowd of people walking and chattering, then she saw a dark hair man dress in a white suit with the brightest yellow shirt stepping out the hotel restaurant holding hands with his pretty white hair wife animated on the phone and his young male assistant beside him.  Annie sat up with excitement, “Brother Charles!”  Jordan almost laugh when he saw him because he look like popcorn, he lift his grandma to her feet and started toward them.


The assistant step head of Charles and his wife to inquire what Annie and Jordan wanted.  “May I help you?”


“No, I’m here to see Brother Charles,” said Annie the assistant block them from proceeding.


“I’m sorry but the Goodman’s are not receiving anybody at this time.” 


Annie angry at the young assistant, “Look mister, I’m a determine woman, and I came to see Brother Charles and I will not be denied so if you don’t get out the way I will break my foot up in you’re...”  Then a deep southern twang voice calls out to the man.


“Timothy, let them come,” said Charles, the man step aside allowing Annie and Jordan to proceed.  Annie beaming with a enormous smile beholding Brother Charles.  “How are you doing sister?”


“I’m blessed Brother, oh you seem shorter than you do on TV, Brother Charles I came from the hospital to see,” she glance at his wife smiling with sadness in her eyes.  “Oh honey it will be ok, God is with you,” she nodded yes, “I’m sorry I just keep rambling and I know you are a busy man, I came from the hospital to get heal from this sickness.  I do not know what they are saying about you is true or lies, but what I do know you are a true man of God and He has not abandon you He with you always.”


Employees of the hotel recognizing Charles from the news reports on TV stop to watch what happening then a crowd gathers because Annie voice was carrying talking to Charles.  Jillians leaving the bar with her boyfriend and his clients laughing and poking lusting for her body stops to watch Annie.  The Prince glaring at them.


“It looks like Annie will get her healing,” Spoke the reporter.


The Prince snigger, “She not healed yet, the battle is not over, not by long shot,” cracking his knuckles on both hands moving his head from side to side his eyes burning red with hate. The Prince levitated alongside Annie waiting for the right moment to make his assault.


Brother Charles spirits lifted by Annie speech his continence change, “Thank you sister I needed to hear that,” said Charles


“Will you pray for me now, Brother?”


He nodded yes padding his pockets try to find blessed oil in his pocket, “Honey do you have the oil?”  She searching her purse could not find it.


“I’m sorry I must have left all the oil in our room,” Charles beckons Timothy to retrieve the blessed oil in his room, but Annie stop him Jordan her handbag pulling out a large bottle of oil.


Charles laugh deeply, “Mother you came prepare,” pouring the oil on his hands.  The Prince made his strike on Annie mind.


“God want you to be sick to teach you,”

“You can’t be heal because you have to many sins,”

“You don’t have enough faith to get well,”

“You know this don’t work because your mother believe to be healed and die,”

“God is angry and hates you,”


The Prince bombard Annie mind with evil thoughts she began praising God aloud, she would not let the Prince words enter her heart.  The Prince seeing his darts not working on Annie he slides to Brother Charles attacking his mind.


“Don’t do it she will not be healed and you will be embarrassed,”

“God is not with you because of your sins,”

“You can’t heal in this place there are too many unbeliever around,”


Brother Charles speaking in tongues and praising God touch Annie forehead, the Prince moving between them shooting his negative word hoping one of them not trust their Faith. 




Fire blast erupted simultaneously from Charles and Annie spirits, the force thrust out every demon in a 30-foot radius.  Demons was cast out of furniture, electronic equipment and people, some blasted into powder other limbs torn off due to them clasping to their victim minds.  The little lifeless gray big head creatures shriek, howl, wail and scream as the fire burn them back to the pit.  The energy from the explosion lifts the Prince body in the air slamming into a glass barrier. The wall bend, flex and bowed but it did not break he just squeeeeeegeeeeeeee to the floor.


Annie felt the power originate from inside of her immediately the pain relinquish, her stale skin became vigorous, she lift her arms toward heaven shouting praises to God.  The power heal and restore every organ, tissues and blood in her entire body she twist, bend and spin with great joy because she hasn’t felt this good since.  No, she has never felt so wonder her whole life; joy, peace, understanding, happiness, tongues of fire, rushing water of life and love appearing in her mind and soul all at once.  The extravagant blessing overwhelms Annie she continue walk, leap and praising God, Jordan observe with joy


The Crowds that gather to watch the miracle had many reactions, some thought that a couple of crazy people are making a scene; other debated did God heal that woman.  A few more believe they saw God power felt compel to seek Him but fearing their friend or family opinions, but a minority believe step out for Brother Charles to pray for them too.  Jillian remembering the old feeble woman saying the kind word to her now praising full strength advance toward her.


The Prince rising soar and burse from crashing into the glass wall see Annie totally healed praising God was disgusted, his anger grew intense as he watch his young prize, Jillian moving toward her.  “STOP HER!”  Yell the Prince to the boyfriend, he grab her arm tightly.


“Come on,” said the boyfriend firmly, she jerks her arm back he held tighter.


“Let me go,” scream Jillian, made a fist strike the old man face causing bleeding he release her arm.  “I said let me go, I don’t want to go with you, you don’t love me you just want to trash me out!” Shouted Jillian, glared at his two clients snatching off her wig fling it at them.  The Prince limping slowly calling out orders to the boyfriend, “Get angry she can’t do that to you, go grab her and force her to go with you, hit her if you have to.”


“Why have the old man do that?”  Ask the reporter


“If I get the boyfriend hitting her people in this crowd will try to stop him then hotel security will detain them and break up this meeting.”  The old man became furious at Jillian for striking and embarrassing him advance after her, but his two clients stop him demanding their money back.


Jillian standing in front of Annie, Jordan observing her tap his grandmother shoulder.  She calms from a euphoric praise open her eyes to see the young woman.  “Hello darling,” said Annie smiling.


“Will you help me,” said Jillian tears flowing, “I’m not this type of person, I don’t to be this way,” holding her shoulders feeling expose to the world, with motherly compassion Annie reach out to cover her with a hug.

“God loves you,” spoken Annie, “You are ok.”


The Prince Furious seeing Annie holding Jillian hand leading her to Brother Charles, “Nooooooo,” roar the Prince.  “Get away from her, Annie, she is mine I have too much invested in her,” he struggling to move faster toward them, “I have big plan for that young wench, marriages to destroy, ministries to topple and strife among women.”


Standing in front of Brother Charles firmly holding Annie and Jordan hands, “Sir I want to be saved,” announces Jillian, he was elated because he loved saying the salvation prayer.  The Prince halted when he heard ‘saved’.


“Sa, Sa, Saved!”  Astonish he scan the area for a hiding place spotted small stonewalls at the edge of the indoor garden.  A lighting bolt striking from heaven entered into Jillian destroying her old dead spirit and creating a new holy spirit causing a humongous explosion.  The blinding force fireball roll in all direction like a title wave, demons running, screaming trying to hide from the fireball.  The explosion thrust the Prince up in the air plastering into the marble wall. The tremendous impact thunder and vibrates the entire lobby shaking the crystal chandelier, everybody looking to find what made that enormous noise and saw nothing.


After Jillian and Brother Charles finish saying the salvation prayer, she glances at Annie, “Wow that was easy,” smiling, “I didn’t feel a thing.”


“You can’t feel in your flesh, but you received a brand new spirit the same Holy Spirit that Jesus has.”  Said Charles, Jillian hug Annie, Brother Charles and gave Jordan a big hug.


The Prince burn, scorch and screech down the wall lying in a smothering heap from the Salvation fire blast. “I didn’t feel a thing,” the Prince mocking Jillian, “You need to be on this side of salvation, you feel everything.” Moaning, viewing the exit he decided to crawl out due to his experience there is always more than one salvation. He moving forward he felt the rumbling of the floor popping his head up seeing thousand and thousand of demons stampeding for there devilish lives exiting the lobby.  The scrambling demons kick, stomp, strike, hit, clip, stab and beat the Prince body.  The demon herds roll the flaying body it in the direction of the exits.  Bones breaking, hair ripping and ripping clothing as it was toss into thorny bushes in the outer court of the hotel.  Crawling out bruise, bloody and painful ‘ouch’, he creep to the hotel column ‘ouch’, leaning against the pole ‘ouch’, reach into his pocket to pull out a bend cigarette and smoke it ‘ouch’.  


The reporter focuses his attention to a no smoking sign above his head he glares at the reporter, “I don’t give a…” the Prince said a curse word.


“Sir may I ask a few follow up question?” the Prince jester yes as he blew smoke into faces of people walking past him.  “We started the day Annie was on her death bed now she totally healed, what happen?”


“As I said she is a great warrior, when she used her Faith and doubt not she almost unstoppable.”


“Jordan, after today is he a troublemaker?”


“Yes, but I have the advantage he young and inexperience, see how he was looking at Jillian I think I can exploit that.”


“What about Jillian you almost had her but tonight she became Saved and a troublemaker.”


“She is not a troublemaker, because she doesn’t know how to use what she has received tonight.  I will make sure to keep her in the dark, heaven is in her future but I will give hell right now,” Standing up flinging the cigarette, “Excuse me I need some negative energy because the night is still young,” Walking with a limp to the utter darkness of the city.

© 2011 Lonnie Paul Johnson

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I agree that there really are times when we don't feel like obeying God's orders because we are too scared to be embarrassed in front of a lot of people or we don't want to look silly. But yes, we must remember that He's the only one who know what's best, and we'll just have to trust him. I loved how you ended this story. As if saying that this is a continuous battle. Everyday, we are fighting to completely extinguish the evil. Again, this needs editing, since there were a lot of Subject-Verb disagreement, and you need to review some of the tenses. But still, a very great story from you. I know that you'll be blessed. :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Lonnie Paul Johnson
Lonnie Paul Johnson

fort Worth, TX

I loved writing stories, when I was young I wrote very simple and crude stories base off of TV shows and movies I seen at the time. An event happen when during that time I believe influence my writin.. more..