Possible Pedagogy of Psychopathy

Possible Pedagogy of Psychopathy

A Poem by Katherine Rose Whitmore

A performance piece: picture a recruiter for the insane shouting from a street corner.

Let me present a present of the present presently:

Presently the popular path of power is presented to prudence.


Confidentially, I encourage compliance to chaos-

The humanity of heroes and venality of villains

Atrophy of the faculties

And animation of the imagination

Are apportioned and apart because of the fine line between

Lucid and lunatic.

Black and white, good and evil-

Labels cannot lick or louse Lucifer.

They are a human institution-

As is the acclaim of acuity.

In the interest of insanity I implore you, invoke inanity!

The mentally mad make mirth and merriment rudiments of man.

What was and what will won’t worry when one is wacky!

Plain people possess only periods of prospects"

Psychopaths possess present purpose.

Living like a loon allows life to befall the formerly luculent.

Where before routine reigned regularly

Adventure abolishes the accepted and assumes the abnormal as absolute

Personally my present is a present presently appreciated, per my psychopathy.

Leisurely allow this loon to linger"

To tell the truth"ah!

The totality of the terrible temperament of the teeming tends to talk of not the truth

The masses selfishly serve self-interests with stunted lies

Stupidly stuttering, steering listeners with the stains of stoic speech

Galvanizing Gaia, gagging upon her greenery,

delighting in the drippings of her death,

deceit resulting in the destruction of deeds

Good and great

Tearing truth from the earth with so called “sanity”.


I notice the nearing, necromantic annihilation of nations.

I know the rearing repugnancies of Revelations to come"

The end is near!

We scribble it on signs, psychotically and in stupendous splendor

The “sane” scoff and stupidly stare at our prophecies

How I hold that this hell hatched

Because of the “balanced” bourgeois

They in the cacophony of their collaborations have created

The modern world, vilified and vainglorious.

Can I convince more clearly?

Man is a mess. The masses are a monstrosity of mayhem

The only option of salvation is the resuscitation of aberration!

I present a proposition of the present.

Preserving the people of this planet precedes all plans.

Only psychopaths can properly perform this project.


© 2010 Katherine Rose Whitmore

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Added on May 17, 2010
Last Updated on May 18, 2010
Tags: poem, alliteration, assonance, consonance, complex, insanity, crazy, performance piece, slam poetry


Katherine Rose Whitmore
Katherine Rose Whitmore

Los Angeles, CA

Teen actress, writer, sculptor, and music connoisseur with aspirations of becoming a supervillian. more..