Torn Between Lives (Alternate ending to Romeo and Juliet)

Torn Between Lives (Alternate ending to Romeo and Juliet)

A Stage Play by Hannah Monttkomepy

This is just for fun now ha ha. I turned it in today.


Act 1:  Scene 1 Part 1


Announcer So the friar’s plan worked and Romeo and Juliet ran off with each other. They lived happily for a bit but then they realized they had only been infatuated with each other and soon split. Juliet, in her distress, ran back to her parents and told them everything including everything she had told the nurse. In return, the nurse was fired and Juliet disowned. So 20 years later, here’s what is happening.


(Juliet’s walking on the street in deep thought. She’s on her way to her parent’s house. She does this sometimes when she feels lonely. She knew she probably shouldn’t do this because each time she goes, she sees  Paris, and wishes she would’ve married him instead of Romeo. She got to the wall, climbed over, and went to go look at her family.)


Juliet I wonder where they could be in this house…


(Juliet spots Paris by a window. She quietly approaches it)


Paris Juliet…


Juliet (stops walking) No, I hope he has not spotted me! (shrinks into the shadows)


Capulet Paris! What are you doing?


Paris Sir, (he responds alarmed) I must thank you for allowing my wife and I to come over to your house.


Capulet It is my pleasure Count. But are you still thinking about my daughter?


Paris I am afraid I am sir.


Capulet Abandon those thoughts young man. You have a beautiful wife and beautiful children. Forget about her


Paris I fear I still have feelings for her.


Capulet Juliet disgraced my family.  (He sighs and places his hand on Paris’s shoulder) It’s best to just let her go son. (Paris nods and the Lord Capulet goes away from the window. Paris looks out the window for a bit more then sighs and walks away.)


Juliet Could my ears have heard right? Paris, the man I rejected, still has feelings for me! But oh, he is married to someone else. Oh, how I wish I would’ve picked him over that Romeo. But how I did despise him more than anyone, for he wanted to separate me from my old love. Here comes my mother! I must be silent.


Lady Capulet Oh Juliet! (Lady Capulet thought aloud) How we wish to despise you but can’t. Why did you lie to us and go after that daft boy! Why couldn’t you have just forgotten about the boy and married Paris! He’s such a fine man!  He would’ve never done you any wrong.


Juliet How I wish I would’ve done the same thing mother!  Oh, I shouldn’t have spoken!  I hope she didn’t hear. (Lord Capulet comes near his wife)


Capulet Why is everyone coming to this window tonight?


Lady Capulet My lord, the reason is simple. This is where we saw our daughter leave us forever.  I am so distressed that I swear I heard her voice not two seconds ago!


Juliet You did mother, oh you did. How I wish I could stand up and announce I am here.


Capulet Juliet, Juliet! Is this all anyone cares to talk about! Juliet is as good as dead to us! She’s a disgrace to this family, which we learned 20 years ago today. Now leave it alone my lady! Come away from this window. (Capulet and Lady Capulet leave the window and Juliet stands, her head hung.)


Juliet My father and mother still want nothing to do with me even now. How stupid I am to have lived this whole time thinking they might change their minds. This is all Romeo’s fault. Insisting on everything we did. Oh but, I wanted to do it too. How messed up this all is! (Black out)


















Scene 1 Part 2

Romeo Benovolio! Oh please be here!


Benovolio Romeo! What do you need?


Romeo Benovolio, tell me. How is my mother? I heard the news about my father.


Benovolio She’s fine. At least when I last saw her. Now go! Leave!


Romeo Even with father gone? She cannot be handling that well surely!


Benovolio Your mother knew your father wouldn’t live forever. She’s smart! Now Romeo, I cannot keep talking to you. I am going against family by doing so. Now go back to your wife. I’m sure she misses you.


Romeo But you would go against me! I am family as well! But perhaps you are right dear cousin. I am sorry to bother you. I shan’t do it again.

(Goes to leave)


Benovolio Romeo! Wait! (Romeo turns to face him. Benovolio sighs) Be careful will you? And take care. (Leaves.)


Romeo I will try dear cousin.


Woman Do my eyes deceive me! Is this Romeo?


Romeo I do not know of this Romeo (He tries to hide the panic in his voice)


Woman Do not lie to me! Do you not realize who I am? No? I suppose not. I’m Juliet’s old nurse!


Romeo Nurse!? What are you doing here? Are you running errands for the Capulets?


Nurse The Capulets? Oh no! I no longer work for them. Since Juliet told her parents about you two, her parents fired me. I now work for relatives of the Montagues, your family. What are you doing here?


Romeo That has nothing to do with you.


Nurse I suppose you’re right. But I did tell you. Well, goodbye boy.


Romeo Wait nurse! Before I forget, where might I find Friar Laurence?


Nurse I suppose at the Chapel, where he always is.


Romeo Right, thank you.


( Nurse leaves and Romeo heads in the direction of the Chapel. The Friar Laurence is standing outside.)


Friar Romeo! What are you doing here! In the daylight! Someone might recognize you!


Romeo I need your help…


Friar No, Romeo I cannot help you! Don’t you remember what happened last time! I’m sorry young man. I cannot help you.


Romeo But…


Friar I am sorry Romeo. I truly am, but you must go.


Romeo At least tell me what has happened to you!  These past 20 years!  (Friar looks around then sighs)


Friar Very well then. I suppose you’re wondering if I have been affected by our scheme? Yes? Well, people do not come to me as often as they did before, for when young Juliet told the Capulets about the two of you, the word spread about who had helped them. You’re the first person I’ve seen here in weeks. Now please go young man! I do not want you to be seen! (Ushers Romeo away and than the Friar goes inside)


Romeo Oh no, I feel terrible! That man should not have to suffer from my mistake! But why did he refuse to help me now! It would not have been hard. And he’s always helped me before. Of course, if he had refused to help me when I went for help with Juliet, maybe things wouldn’t have turned out this way. Maybe Juliet would be happily married to someone. Yes, perhaps it would have turned out better if we had not married. Oh, but part of me says our it would not have, at least for me. The time we did spend together I do cherish though. And, part of my heart still belongs to her. Oh my love Juliet! No, Helena is my love now, not Juliet. I must remember this, but it’s difficult. But I shall no longer think of my sweet Juliet, for Helena is my love.


Announcer So Romeo and Juliet lived their separate lives but thought about each other daily, though each one’s emotions about the other were different. But one thing was for sure, that no one could ever change. No love was ever sweeter than that of Juliet and her Romeo.

© 2009 Hannah Monttkomepy

Author's Note

Hannah Monttkomepy
Reviews are still welcome even though I already turned in the assignment!

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i loved reading romeo and juliet in highschool and remember it well... this was a very good "what happens later?" assignment
overall, well written.. and kept my attention from start to finish! Really wish there was more to read!!
good job

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

XD as you know i Never Ever read anything shakespare but I do love it good job ^-^

Posted 10 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

the assignment is done very well. But the one thing that throws me off, is shakespear in non-Thespian language.
I am sure you can throw a few THY and thou, and vile and other terms in there to make it at least feel a bit more like Will's original work.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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This is really really good !

Posted 10 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

i like it. its cool. but i never read the play. i know what happpens though. i just haven't read the whole thing. good writing though.

Posted 10 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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