A Story by Mark

A short im working on with a friend of mine.

I have spent an eternity doing god knows what. Its funny, i'm the closest thing to a sentinent being, yet i don't know if there is something greater than myself out there or if there is anything else out there except this black vacuum.
(he stands among rows of lights of all shapes and sizes neatly arranged as he stares into the black space.)
I created myself from nothing, born from chaos. I was part of a singularity that was a part of everything. It all started with an obssesion to separate myself from the void, I wanted to matter. Somehow things were easier back then. I had a single goal which i focused my entire being into, literally. Now, i just fill my time creating. I love to grow small bundles of light to fill up the darkness. The black expansion of space calls to me...
(the dark space around him seems to grow closer as he sees facial expressions calling tnowards him through the black abyss)
It calls me back into the chaos. It wants me to rejoin the singularity so it can be whole again. The lights keep the voices away. So, i grow, i grow to make the perfect light to silence them forever.
(he bends down on one knee focusing on the roots of a certain plant.)
I grow the lights by taking a part of myself and setting it free into the chaos. Planting it, so it can stabilize itself. The only things i need are what i want it to be and time. Ive made some hot, so hot that it burns the space around it. Ive made some cold, so cold that it refuses to give any light. I think its the balance of planning amd chaos that will save me.
(as he works on the plant erratic flashes of light happeb overhead. He walks toward the source)
I tend to lose myself in my creation. I lose millenias finding that perfect balance. My children keep me from losing myself completely. I made them first. I made them so that they could keep me company. I made them as close as i can to be like me. I think the problem was i focused too much on my physical being because they cant comprehend as well as i want them too. But they learn, slowly. What they lack of in free thought they make up in effort and loyalty. All they want to do is please me.
(one of his children wait for him with a smile on his face. Cupped in his hands is a beaten plant withering away.)
Sometimes, it scares me.

© 2013 Mark

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Added on May 21, 2013
Last Updated on May 21, 2013
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las vegas, NV

I want to write, im just afraid im not good enough. more..

hemmingway short. hemmingway short.

A Story by Mark

2 weeks 2 weeks

A Story by Mark