Never ending sentences

Never ending sentences

A Story by meltingtuba

I was walking in a park when a spied a purple ring in a bush by the stream and I quick looked around to make sure no one else saw and lunged for it but I hadn’t seen this one man who just so happened to be passing by and he pounced on top of me and I bit him and he kicked me and then we both saw a see-saw and raced for it but I wasn’t quick enough and he smashed it to pieces with a yellow hammer that he had concealed in his coat but I hopped piggy back style on his back and began racing him around like a horse, he brayed and snorted but I just kicked his sides and he ran me home.  After dinner I sat on his lap and made him read to me and if he didn’t want to I would push his head into the hot grill until he would start reading again but after a while he got tired so I made him build me a canopy bed so that I could sleep so after he finished he slept outside in my garage while I examined the ring which I had hid underneath his legs for it was glowing a bright yellow-green that I found unsatisfactory so I popped into the oven and turned the temperature way up but when I got bored of waiting, the ring was quite damaged but then the gentlemen popped out from behind a chair and I screamed directly into his overly waxy ear which simply made him run faster so I gave him a swift belly bump which bounced him over to Timbuktu and I hopped onto a passing fly which followed him underground to the flignagorious land of passing nocorns when a gust of wind blew me off course and I landed on a giant marshmallow and sunk in; I can’t get out.


© 2012 meltingtuba

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Added on July 15, 2012
Last Updated on July 15, 2012




I am so excited. That is because My birthday is Friday more..

Missy Missy

A Story by meltingtuba