Cat caller cult

Cat caller cult

A Story by midnight reaper

the catcaller cult:


a strange cult where the initiation is a snooze and rather dull and for the most part too simple. The initiation goes along the lines of you must own a cat and you must believe that cat is a messenger of the cat god though the leaders of this strange cult sometimes change up the requirements to more ludicrous things. The cult itself worships the cat god which they believe holds knowledge not even know by the smartest humans and thus will tell them the solution to all human problems like famine and war. The leaders of this cult tell the followers with utmost certainty that to summon the god and use his vast knowledge, they must put 3 plush cats in a triangle and each plush cat will have a candle behind its hind paws. These plush cats are facing the center plush cat which will have 6 candles encircling it and after all the candles are lit they must chant the correct prayer for the cat god to determine if they are worthy. If the cat god thinks they are worthy a bright white all-enveloping light will appear above the center cat and a holy paw will reach down touching the center plush cat thus granting it his vast knowledge and animating it into a real cat. After the cat has been animated a booming voice tells all who witness only one may possess this true messenger of my wisdom and thus the holy paw reaches out touching one of the cult members. After this, the now animated cat casually wonders over to the chosen cult member. Before the all-engulfing light vanishes the booming voice once again speaks this time saying that the chosen member is the guarding of the now animated cat and the now animated cat will follow him wherever he may go. Then the all-engulfing light vanishes not allowing any questions to be asked of what was just witnessed or what is to come.


Once the ritual is done properly and a cult member was chosen by the cat god to be the guardian of the cat god's true messenger the main leader steps down from his position offering it to the guardian of the now animated cat to lead the cult further in improving humanity and their own lives.  though the chosen cult member is thrilled with this new position and power he does not know that the now living cat is a part of the cat god and is judging the guardian silently on how he uses his newfound powers. But what the chosen cult member knows is that the now animated cat can speak and it whispers knowledge not even unlocked by the smartest humans to him upon his request.


The candles representing its nine lives allows the cat to be almost immortal and far surpass the chosen cult member's lifespan and so as he closes his eyes one final time the cat slowly floats above his deathbed revealing itself as part of the cat god and as a white light envelopes him the cat touches him with its holy paw determining if he is worthy of heaven and if he used the knowledge given to him wisely. If he is worthy the engulfing light recedes to reveal a grand palace with all the cats and anything he wishes sitting within arm’s reach. But if he isn't worthy the engulfing light recedes to reveal only darkness and an eternity with his thoughts and regrets.


© 2018 midnight reaper

Author's Note

midnight reaper
Should I make a more improved story upon this idea?

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Added on January 4, 2018
Last Updated on January 4, 2018