Mooncake ~ Bhuyanshi Talukdar

Mooncake ~ Bhuyanshi Talukdar

A Poem by Bhuyanshi Talukdar

I was once round and plump
People used to take me
and eat me without a second thought.
I never held a grudge,
no matter how people treated me.

I resembled the crumbs and
crackles of mooncake
That are left behind after being
taken and eaten.
They are the remnants of the
once-whole mooncake
That have broken apart and
no longer remain intact.

© 2024 Bhuyanshi Talukdar

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Interesting analogy. I suppose we all "partake" of one another. I am also reminded of the last supper. Giving is better than receiving is what they say. It is the purpose of the mooncake to be eaten and enjoyed after all. CLever write. Enjoyed reading it.

Posted 14 Hours Ago

LOL here in the states we have this horrid almost non food like thing known as a moon pie I don't think they make them much anymore given their state of quality but once I saw one at a truck stop and made the mistake of purchasing it and all of the memories came back to me of how many times I said to myself why oh why did I eat this LOL! We put ourselves out there to be consumed sometimes they love us other times they take a bite and throw the rest away I'm not a fan of moon pies but the moon cake isn't so bad

Posted 1 Week Ago

To me this is a metaphor of how people treat others..... it is a sad thought to know you are being "eaten" by others and now you are only a shell of yourself.... this is very ethereal and shows us the cruelty in humanity....well done
Warmly, B

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

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Added on May 21, 2024
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