The Thief Mistress

The Thief Mistress

A Story by NoAirToBreatheXSuffocateX

She will come when least expected.

So let me tell you a story, dear.
About the woman all wife's fear.

She goes by the name, "Thief Mistress",
Let me tell you, she is fearless.

When your husband leaves the house,
You will feel like a small mouse.

For she is the hungry cat,
She'll never give your husband back.

She comes in many disguises,
The secretary, the housekeeper, the babysitter, the occasional teacher.

Don't think that your safe,
Because there is many more.

When your husband calls to tell you he is running late,
Your marriage is meeting a tragic fate.  

She charms with her seduction,
Won't stop t'ill she abducts him.

So what the hell are you waiting for?
Don't stop, show him the door.

Because if he plays the seduction game, 
The Thief Mistress will steal his heart, rising to fame.

~The Thief Mistress~
Stealing husband's hearts.
Leaving wife's broken.

© 2011 NoAirToBreatheXSuffocateX

Author's Note

Just felt inspired.

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Added on August 9, 2011
Last Updated on August 9, 2011



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