this is where it ends

this is where it ends

A Poem by aspen

my subconscious drifts down a sea of headlights,
sedated by the chaos it closes itself within 

empty piano notes echo within a vacant cranium,
my limbs want to become involuntary tonight

driving 90 down the highway,
I'm in the driver's seat losing my mind

just exactly where will I go when I take it all away from myself?

the moon is looming tonight,
she's speaking to me in tongues

we all die someday, we all die someday

the speedometer and i share a hazy gaze,
fully aware of the future notions that my heart and feet will comply on

nonsensical romance and harsh substances will be the only remains of my memory

hesitation lingers like heavy humidity around my lips,

last words and last thoughts separate themselves within different astral planes, I know that the last word I will ever leave in this world is something so simply meaningless but only i will know my last thought. It's a secret that i take to my grave, or maybe to the the edge of the woods. I've always wanted to scream that God was just a distraction from the overwhelming fear of the reality that the only purpose we serve is destruction. But in my last moment, i found myself hoping that the universe would rip my soul away from my sinful body and declare me pure. I prayed that I'd feel my veins catch fire and allow myself to form some sort of love for the woman I came into this world as. The only love I felt in that last moment was for the woman I left this world as: a living and breathing fatality that had the capability to live and die all at once every single day in her own brain.

i hit the brake on the count of 23,
my entire being is consumed by inevitability and blinding lights

© 2018 aspen

Author's Note

this is completely fiction obviously, i just wanted to try something new writing-wise, so I created this

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Added on May 11, 2018
Last Updated on May 14, 2018
Tags: fiction, depression, suicide, abstract, poetry, teen & young adult



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