The Day that never comes

The Day that never comes

A Poem by Andrew DeMars

A poem for those who have ever been looking for the one whom their meant to be with

She crushes your heart like a vice and tears out your soul
stabbing and twisting it until she achieves her final goal.
Making you feel poisened empty and all alone,
making you want to just crawl into the dark and sigh your final groan.
She depletes your life and beauty that you know as yourself and makes you a total stranger
for she makes herself not only to you but to everyone else a total danger
I can't remember the last time i haven't felt depression, 
maybe there will never be my own emotional recession.

For too long now my lonley eyes watch as couples go by
laughing, hugging and loving, man what a lucky guy.
As i sit here on my lonesome sorrow,
I wonder in my mind if there will ever be a better tommorrow.
Maybe the pain will go away someday,
but for now it wants only my heart to slay.

This emotional toxic has been coarsing through my mind for far too long
making it deaf, empty, wanting to hear that beautiful song.
The beautiful song of the one who will accept me,
the one who will hold me, love me, and from me never flee.

I wait for this time everyday, the day that god sends her to me by chance
hoping that when our eyes meet we will both feel that lovers glance.
The glance that of so many others have felt
the glance that will release me from depression's own belt.

But for now her grip is firm and strong,
making it hard to breathe and hard to go on.
If her constriction continues, my spirit will collapse
mine heart will bleed and die a lonesome death perhaps.

But maybe, still maybe, that distant call from another,
will warm my heart and mind, loved by that signaficant other.
Hopefully she will come soon and lift me from this dark hell,
and bring me with all those others, who unlike me have never drank from depressions well.

All I can do is hope that day comes soon 
before i am nothing more than a lifeless prune.
All of these things i have shared with you now 
are factors that play with my heart like a disavow.
Making my heart bleed with desire
For the one who will make my heart set a fire.

And i wait now for my chance at love as i twiddle my lonesome thumbs, 
I wait, crying, weeping and hating for the day that never comes.

© 2011 Andrew DeMars

Author's Note

Andrew DeMars
please let me know how it is, im a beginner so i just started writing when i was bored

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Added on January 11, 2011
Last Updated on January 26, 2011
Tags: Depressing, day that never comes, lonely, loneliness, sad, romance, love


Andrew DeMars
Andrew DeMars

St. Cloud, MN

im a student at college who likes to write more..

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A Poem by Andrew DeMars