Old Yeller Character Sketch

Old Yeller Character Sketch

A Story by Naomi Bloom

A character sketch of the character Old Yeller. Created for a contest.


Old Yeller is a forty-five-year-old Canadian man who lives in a trailer park in Simcoe, Ontario.  His trailer is always horrendously messy and painted yellow, his favourite colour.  Anyone who has met him would confidently describe him as a redneck.  Although he graduated from high school, he is very ignorant.  A Catholic, he is intolerant of homosexuals and sincerely believes that all gay men are pedophiles.  His weight verges on obese and he has ugly coarse brown hair and a goatee.  He used to have a wife and three children (a boy and two girls) but his wife divorced him due to his alcoholism and his unemployment.  He was not awarded even partial custody of the children.  In order to make a living, he steals items from department stores using a large trench coat and sells them to thrift stores.  Old Yeller’s favourite restaurant is McDonald’s and his drink of choice is beer.  Once a week he goes to McDonald’s for Filet-O-Fish Fridays, the day when Filet-O-Fish is only $2, and he drinks several beers.  The combination of Filet-O-Fish and beer gives him a unique high similar to the combined effects of cocaine, ecstasy and meth.  When the Filet-O-Fish he orders is radioactive (which is a common occurrence), and when he drinks at least five beers, he turns into a gigantic swamp monster, bringing destruction and ruin to the humble town of Simcoe.  Consuming Filet-O-Fish and beer is one of Old Yeller’s favourite past times, aside from stalking and harassing his former wife and children.  When he is sober and bored he enjoys listening to Arcangelo Corelli.

© 2013 Naomi Bloom

Author's Note

Naomi Bloom
I'm working on turning this character sketch into a short story.

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So I originally thought this was going to be about Old Yeller the dog lol

Anyway, good job describing this guy. I hate him,haha. It sounds like God took a s**t and called him "Old Yeller". I couldn't quite tell if he literally turned into a monster or not, not sure if that's something that would happen in th story or not, but he is pretty monstrous anyway. If you're actually going to use him in a story, I'd suggest not forgetting to give him some redeeming qualities as well. Every villain has at least one positive trait to keep him human.

Again, well done!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Naomi Bloom

7 Years Ago

Thanks! Yes, I plan to give him a few redeeming qualities so he isn't pure evil.
Old Yeller is most unpleasant as he lumbers around making all within hearing distance miserable. I laughed when I read that last line. It proves that no matter what the exterior of a person the interior workings can sometimes be quite surprising. Well, you've made him most unlikeable and uniquely strange.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Naomi Bloom

7 Years Ago

Haha thanks. That's the goal.

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Added on February 22, 2013
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